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Tucson Mountain Park Rifle and Pistol Range, operated by Pima County Natural Resources, Parks, and Recreation, offers a comprehensive shooting environment for enthusiasts. Whether a seasoned shooter or a beginner, the facility caters to a variety of shooting disciplines.

Features and Amenities:

  • Target Shooting: The range is strictly for target shooting. Firearms permitted include semi-automatic pistols and rifles, muzzleloader, and centerfire calibers. Notably, no fully automatic firearm shooting, .50 cal. BMG, incendiary, or tracer ammunition is permitted.
  • Safety Supervision: All activities on the range are supervised for safety. Before any shooting can begin, participants must register and comply with the Range safety and Gun handling rules. This ensures a consistent and safe shooting environment.
  • Protection and Equipment: Eye and ear protection are mandatory. If you forget your targets, there are some available for purchase on-site.
  • Range Variety: The facility boasts six diverse ranges to cater to different interests:
  • Training: For those looking to enhance their skills or learn the basics, skilled range instructors offer training on rifle, handgun, shotgun, and archery safety.
  • Volunteer Opportunities: You can also contribute to the community by volunteering at the range and benefit from the perks that come with it.


  • Safety: Reviewers have consistently highlighted the range’s strong emphasis on safety. The range masters are particularly noted for their patience, attentiveness, and insistence on safety protocols.
  • Affordability: With entry prices as low as $6 and targets ranging from $0.25 to $1, the range offers an affordable shooting experience.
  • Professionalism: Many reviews praise the professional and helpful attitude of the staff.
  • Facility Upkeep: The clean environment and regular facility upgrades, such as the new roof, are frequently appreciated by visitors.
  • Beautiful Scenery: Set against a picturesque backdrop, the range also offers a scenic experience.

Points of Improvement:

  • Operating Hours: Some visitors have noted inconsistencies in the listed operating hours, especially during the summer season.
  • Staff Interaction: While many praise the staff, a few reviewers found interactions with some range officials less than satisfactory.




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