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Located at the heart of the community, the Rocky Willmuth Shooting Sports Complex is a sought-after destination for both shotgun and archery enthusiasts. Catering to all, from beginners to experts, the complex provides an array of clay-pigeon shooting experiences including trap, skeet, doubles, and wobble trap.


  1. Learning Environment: Many reviewers commend the complex as an excellent place for novices to begin their journey in shooting sports, offering a controlled environment where they can gain confidence and skill.
  2. Equipment: For those without their own gear, the complex is known to loan out high-quality Remington shotguns, ensuring everyone gets to experience the thrill of shooting.
  3. Cleanliness and Maintenance: The shooting lanes are consistently described as clear, clean, and well-maintained, enhancing the overall experience for visitors.
  4. Hospitality: Friendly and helpful staff receive frequent mentions, praised for their dedication to ensuring guests have a memorable visit.
  5. Family-Friendly: With its welcoming environment, the complex stands out as a favorite spot for family outings, allowing for bonding over shared activities.

Areas of Improvement:

  1. Online Presence: There have been instances where visitors were not aware of the facility’s exclusive focus on shotguns and archery due to a lack of clear communication on their website. Potential guests are encouraged to call ahead at 870-612-4125 for any clarifications.
  2. Website Issues: Some visitors have reported confusion due to the website’s unrelated content. The management has been notified and strives to fix these issues to enhance user experience.




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