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Located in NWA, Parker’s is recognized as a premier indoor gun range. The facility offers:

  1. Shooting Range: 12 individual lanes to accommodate a diverse range of firearms from pistols and carbines to rifles up to a .308 caliber. A 25-yard range utilizes ballistic rubber, ensuring safety and noise reduction.
  2. Firearm & Ammo Store: Parker’s stocks both new and used firearms covering all classes and calibers, alongside a variety of ammunition and accessories.
  3. Classes:
    • First Shots: Ideal for beginners, this class provides comprehensive training on gun safety, proper handling, maintenance, technique, and stance.
    • concealed carry: Featuring top instructors in the state, the concealed carry class helps individuals get their permits. Additionally, personalized one-on-one training sessions are available to cater to individual needs.
    • Self-Defense Classes: ‘Hands to Handguns’ offers awareness training on potential everyday situations, with women-only groups available.
  4. Rates & Rentals: The facility offers firearm and rifle rentals. Rates for the shooting range are set at $16.50 for one shooter and $26.50 for two sharing the same lane. This includes tax, target, and eye/ear protection. Notably, shotguns, shotgun shells, muzzleloaders, tracer rounds, and fragment type rounds are not permitted.
  5. Private Parties & Events: With its 12 lanes and a separate training room for refreshments (alcohol-free), Parker’s can host private parties and special events, ensuring a unique and memorable experience.

Reviews Snapshot:


  • Many reviewers, such as Glenn Waterworth and Damon Hampton, praised the friendliness of the staff and the owner.
  • The facility is deemed safe, with Jenn Carlson noting the color-coded lanes for easy navigation.
  • The range offers a plethora of classes and has received positive feedback for its training sessions, especially the S.A.F.E New Shooter Class.
  • The store is commended for its fair pricing and excellent product quality, with Ron Griffin emphasizing the family-friendly environment.

Areas of Improvement:

  • Nathan Sypult mentioned that while he enjoyed shooting there, the ventilation in the range was poor, leading to discomfort.
  • Jonathan Townsend cited an instance of perceived rude customer service, and Raj Parulekar had a similar sentiment about a staff member.
  • Restrictions, like the ‘1 bullet per second’ rule, made it less suitable for competitive shooters, as pointed out by Andrew.




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