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Nestled near Buffalo Creek along NFSR 528.G, this public shooting area offers a rustic and straightforward shooting experience for those in the vicinity of Pine Junction. Accessible via US Hwy 285 South, followed by a turn onto Park County Route 126, the site is conveniently located approximately 13 miles from the turnoff, just past NFSR 550.

The shooting range is described as quite compact, with a maximum shooting distance of around 45-55 yards, making it ideal for short-range shooting and handgun drills. Its size is noted to accommodate about 12 vehicles and an equal number of shooters at a time. This limitation in size and distance is a recurring theme in visitor feedback, suggesting that the range is best enjoyed during off-peak times to avoid crowding.

Visitors appreciate the range for its proximity to the Denver area and its potential as a shooting site. However, there is a call for greater resources and funding to realize its full potential. The community’s involvement, including volunteer cleanup efforts, is highlighted as a positive aspect, though there is a strong reminder for users to be responsible for their trash to maintain the site’s cleanliness.

Safety and proper shooting etiquette are paramount concerns among users. Some visitors have reported instances of reckless behavior, with inexperienced shooters and uncontrolled firing lines posing risks. These accounts underline the importance of following rules and ensuring safety at all times.

Despite these concerns, many find the range comfortable, relaxed, and safe, with the community often stepping in to correct unsafe practices. The absence of strict oversight is seen as a benefit by some, fostering a collaborative spirit among responsible shooters.

The natural beauty of the area is not lost on its visitors, with the scenic drive and the backdrop of the Colorado landscape adding to the appeal of the range. However, the lack of established amenities such as target stands means that visitors must come prepared with their own equipment.



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