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Step into the exciting world of the Rifle Sportsmen’s Club, where camaraderie and sharpshooting are the heart of the experience. This hub for shooting enthusiasts is ready to welcome you for its much-anticipated annual Trap Turkey Shoot. Here’s a snapshot of what you can expect:

  • Annual Trap Turkey Shoot: Scheduled for Sunday, the 12th, the event begins at 10:00 am, promising a day filled with excitement and friendly competition.
  • Location: Conveniently situated north of Hwy. 13 on Fravert Reservoir Rd., it’s an easily accessible venue for a day of outdoor activity.
  • Open to All: The general public is warmly welcomed to join the fun.
  • Game Rules: To keep things fair and safe, only 7 ½ and 8 shot are permitted during the event.
  • Variety of Activities: Attendees can participate in trap and shotgun games, catering to a range of shooting skills.
  • Affordable Participation: With a cost of $10.00 per round or game, it’s an economical way to enjoy shooting sports.
  • Get in Touch: Questions can be directed to Brian Perkins at 618-3546 or via email at [email protected]. More information is available on their website

Membership Highlights:

  • Exclusive Scholarships: Celebrate the recent winners of the Mike Grimm Honorary Scholarship, Kameran Pamateer and Tabor Tiffany, who embody the club’s commitment to nurturing young talent.
  • Self-Service Access: Members can enjoy the convenience of a printable ID card with the current gate code, streamlining their access to the range.

Guest Policy Reminder:

The club fosters a welcoming atmosphere, allowing members to bring guests up to three times before they are kindly asked to obtain their own membership, ensuring the privilege of the range’s facilities is preserved responsibly.

Financial Stewardship:

Operating independently, the club is sustained through membership dues and event participation. The recent modest increase in annual dues to $170 ensures the club continues to thrive and offer top-notch facilities and services to its members.

Engagement and Development:

Membership contributions have enabled significant improvements such as:

  • Hosting over 400 young 4-H shooters.
  • Addition of new steel targets and target stands.
  • General maintenance and facility upgrades.

Community and Events:

Safety and Compliance:

The club emphasizes safety with a strict no steel core ammo policy to prevent fire risks, ensuring a safe environment for all.


While personal experiences may vary, with some users finding alternative spots for casual shooting, the consensus acknowledges Rifle Sportsmen’s Club as a quality range, with remarks highlighting great value.



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