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Berdoo Canyon Shooting Area is a popular outdoor shooting range located in California, just about 10 minutes away from the 10 freeway. Many reviewers appreciate that the location is easily accessible via GPS and is situated right off the main road. Due to its first-come-first-serve policy, the availability of spots can vary, but many have found decent spacing from other shooters, ensuring a sense of privacy during their session.


  • Accessibility: The shooting area is conveniently located and easy to find with GPS guidance.
  • Cost: It’s a free shooting range, which is a significant draw for many.
  • Space: Despite its popularity, many have reported always finding a spot.
  • Environment: Once past the entrance, the nearby Joshua tree environment offers a beautiful backdrop, and there’s potential for off-roading adventures for those with 4×4 vehicles.
  • Safety: Majority of the attendees are responsible shooters. However, it’s worth noting that visitors should exercise caution as not everyone is experienced.


  • Maintenance: The road leading to the shooting area has been described as old and filled with potholes. While some see this as a characteristic of its off-road nature, it can be an inconvenience for some.
  • Cleanliness: Several reviews highlight the presence of trash, particularly at the entrance. It’s a shared concern that the beauty of the place is being compromised by litter.
  • Potential Closure: Some reviewers have mentioned that there are discussions about potentially closing the area in December 2023 due to ongoing cleanliness issues.
  • Safety: Though many visitors practice safe shooting, there have been instances of individuals disregarding safety protocols.

Recommendations for Visitors:

  • For those planning to visit, bringing an off-road capable vehicle is recommended.
  • As this is a desert location, it’s advised to check weather reports, wear hats, and remain prepared for extreme weather changes.
  • The shared sentiment among reviewers is a call to action for all visitors to clean up after themselves to maintain the beauty and accessibility of this spot for future generations.



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