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Located in a scenic spot between Palmer and Butte, Alaska, the Kenny and Patti Barber Shooting Range has become a popular spot for shooting enthusiasts. It is situated off the Maud Road Extension, about 2.7 miles from the end of the paved section of Maud Road, and roughly 1000 feet past Mud Lake, with clear signage guiding visitors to its location.

Facilities and Features:


  • Free Usage: The range is state-funded and doesn’t charge users.
  • Facilities: Both the 25-meter and 100-meter ranges are equipped with tables and benches.
  • Community Spirit: Many visitors have commented on the good camaraderie and friendly atmosphere, with most users practicing proper shooting etiquette.
  • Scenic Location: Set against the backdrop of Alaska’s natural beauty, the range offers magnificent views.


  • Safety: The range operates on a “use at your own risk” principle. Without any permanent staffing, safety precautions are left to individual users. Visitors are strongly encouraged to be vigilant and ensure they’re familiar with all range rules.
  • Road Conditions: Some reviewers have advised against visiting the range without a 4WD during snow. The road leading to the range can be bumpy, especially in the summer, and has sometimes been reported as unmaintained with deep ruts.
  • Amenities: While the range provides basic facilities, visitors are reminded to bring their own shooting targets. Certain materials, like steel targets, are not allowed.

User Statistics:

The range has seen a varying number of users over the years, with 2020 being a standout year with 38,466 reported users. It’s evident from the increasing number of visitors that the range is growing in popularity.


Feedback from the community has been largely positive. Users appreciate the range’s cleanliness, maintenance, and the lack of strict oversight, which gives a sense of freedom while shooting. However, potential visitors should be aware that, due to its growing popularity, the range can get crowded at times.



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