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Nestled in the community, the Visalia Sportsmen’s Association provides an extensive array of services and facilities for firearms enthusiasts, including the exclusive access to the club’s Federal Firearms License (FFL) for members. This comprehensive offering extends beyond mere access, ensuring a holistic, safe, and community-oriented experience for every member.

FFL Transactions: An often-highlighted advantage of membership is access to the club’s FFL, managed diligently by the club’s Executive Vice-President. This perk allows members to order firearms, scopes, and other equipment at prices significantly lower than typical retail. These transactions, exclusive to members, also come with the responsibility of covering additional costs, such as California sales tax, DOJ DROS (firearms only), and shipping. Collection and formalities are handled seamlessly, ensuring a hassle-free experience. However, it’s essential to come prepared with necessary documents, particularly when purchasing handguns.

Dale Wimp Rifle Range: Praised for its meticulous design, the Dale Wimp Rifle Range is a hub for precision shooting enthusiasts. With twenty-eight covered firing points and varying distances up to 300 yards, it accommodates shooters of all skill levels. Accessibility is a priority, evidenced by disabled access to essential areas. The site also boasts solid firing benches and reloading tables. The addition of an under-construction 8-lane pistol range is eagerly anticipated by the community. The range’s schedule is considerate of members’ availability, open on weekends and Wednesdays.

Range Safety Officers (RSOs): The presence of certified RSOs is a cornerstone of the range’s operation, underlining its commitment to safety and order. RSOs, aside from managing regular range functionalities, play a pivotal role in assisting and guiding members, particularly new shooters. They contribute to a welcoming and instructive environment. The commitment required of RSOs is evident, and the benefits—like exclusive range access—are considered substantial.

Maintenance and Community Involvement: Maintenance of the range, a shared responsibility, sees the organization of tri-annual clean-up days. These events, critical to the range’s upkeep, are communal affairs with gratifying social aspects, like complimentary meals. Despite the range’s robust membership, involvement in clean-up days is still a niche activity, prompting a call for greater participation.

Safety and Policies: Safety takes precedence, governed by a stringent set of rules. These encompass handling of firearms, use of protective gear, and strict protocols during various shooting conditions. Certain restrictions apply to firearm types and calibers, particularly concerning the steel gongs. Policies extend to behavioral aspects, highlighting a no-tolerance stance towards substance abuse and an empowering framework for RSOs and board members in maintaining decorum.

Emergency Procedures: Preparedness in emergencies is paramount, with clear procedures outlined for various scenarios. These include prompt communication channels and the importance of detailed incident reports, ensuring accountability and continuous improvement in safety practices.

Range Operations and Commands: Shooting sessions are organized with defined light signals and range commands, ensuring systematic and safe operations. Shooter responsibilities, like target maintenance and brass clean-up, are clearly stipulated, fostering a culture of mutual respect and responsibility.

Membership and Public Shoot Days: The association welcomes new members with a clear explanation of membership tiers. Public shoot days are structured events, overseen by dedicated RSOs. Both members and associate members must adhere to sign-in protocols, reinforcing the club’s organized approach.




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