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South Florida Shooting Club (SFSC) stands as a premier, members-only sporting clay facility in the heart of South Florida, east of Palm City. Celebrated for its comprehensive range of shooting amenities, SFSC is a favorite amongst shooting enthusiasts, from beginners to seasoned professionals.

Key Features:

  • Diverse Range of Shooting Options: SFSC boasts 6 trap fields illuminated by stadium lights, 4 fully automated sporting clay courses with 15 stations each, 2 skeet fields, 5-stand, FITASC parcours, and a unique, fully automated ZZ ring.
  • Accommodating All Skill Levels: The club’s diverse levels of difficulty cater to all levels of shooters, ensuring a challenging and enjoyable experience for everyone.
  • Strategic Location: Conveniently located, SFSC is just a 45-minute drive from West Palm Beach and two hours from Orlando, making it easily accessible for local and visiting shooters.
  • Exclusive Events and Tournaments: The club regularly hosts a variety of events and tournaments, including the prestigious NSCA Sporting Clay Tournaments, offering members exclusive shooting experiences.
  • Community and Charity Involvement: SFSC actively contributes to the community through multiple charity events, emphasizing its role as a responsible and community-oriented club.

Strengths and Opportunities:

  • Exceptional Facilities and Services: Reviews highlight the club’s outstanding facilities, likening the ranges to well-maintained golf courses, and praising the luxurious clubhouse and gourmet food services.
  • Professional and Friendly Staff: The staff’s professionalism and friendliness have been consistently noted, contributing to a welcoming and supportive shooting environment.
  • High-Quality Instruction and Equipment: The presence of champion instructors and a well-stocked gun room with premium equipment offers members an unparalleled shooting experience.
  • Opportunities for Improvement: Some reviews suggest room for refinement in the shooting experience and customer service, particularly in the gun management area, indicating potential areas for the club to enhance its offerings.

Hours and Contact Information:

  • Hours of Operation: SFSC has updated hours, including Mondays and Tuesdays from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Wednesdays from 8:00 a.m. until sunset, and Thursday to Sunday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
  • Contact for Reservations and Inquiries: For event reservations or more information, interested individuals can contact SFSC through their official channels.




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