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Discover the Martin County Sportsmen’s Association (MCSA), a vibrant and dedicated gun club formed in 1978. Founded by Don Lindh and Judge David Harper, MCSA has evolved from a small group of enthusiasts to a well-established organization, now offering a range of shooting experiences in a safe and regulated environment.

Key Features:

  • History and Foundation: Established in 1978 with notable founders including Don Lindh, Judge David Harper, Edward Matton, and Dr. Charles Behring.
  • Facilities: Offers multiple shooting ranges with varying distances and specifications for handguns, .22LR rim fire rifles, and pistol caliber carbines.
  • Safety and Regulations: Emphasizes safety with clear rules on ammunition types, target placement, and shooting positions.
  • Membership Requirements: Membership linked to affiliation with a pro 2nd Amendment/Gun Rights Advocate Group.
  • Orientation and Training: Mandatory orientation program and proficiency tests for new members.

Community Feedback:

  • Strengths: Members appreciate the club’s safe, clean, and well-maintained facilities, helpful staff, and the variety of shooting options available. The club is noted for its emphasis on safety and responsibility, with professional and experienced staff, including ex-military veterans. It’s recognized for its affordability and social atmosphere.
  • Areas for Improvement: Some members have noted a perceived “boys club” atmosphere and a somewhat condescending attitude towards new members. The $100 orientation fee has been a point of contention for some.

Membership Process:

  • Application Steps: Includes uploading documents, selecting orientation dates, and submitting fees.
  • Orientation Details: Group and private options available, with specific requirements for attendance and equipment.
  • Qualification: Membership contingent upon approval by the Range Director based on safety and responsibility standards.

Additional Information:

  • The club offers a unique blend of history, safety, and community, making it an appealing choice for gun enthusiasts in Martin County. Its commitment to safety and continuous improvement in facilities reflects its dedication to providing an excellent shooting experience for its members.




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  • Monday 01:00 PM - 05:00 PM
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  • Wednesday 08:00 AM - 05:00 PM
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