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At Skyline Gun Club, the experience is just the beginning of what awaits you. The club’s dedication to fostering a community of diverse shooters and providing top-notch facilities sets it apart in the world of shotgun sports.

Curious to uncover more about what makes Skyline Gun Club a standout destination for enthusiasts?

Club Facilities and Amenities

When visiting Skyline Gun Club, you’ll find a range of top-notch facilities and amenities catering to various shooting disciplines. Conveniently located off Arco Hwy in Idaho Falls, just off I-15 at the Broadway Exit (#118) on the North side of Rt. 20, the club offers facilities for Skeet, Trap, 5 Stand, Sporting Clays, and FITASC shooting disciplines. The club’s contact person, Randy Lloyd, can be reached at (208) 525-8575 for any inquiries.

Skyline Gun Club provides a welcoming environment for shooters of all levels. The club offers NSCA Level II instruction for various shooting disciplines, ensuring that both beginners and experienced shooters can improve their skills. The facilities include challenging stations designed to accommodate novice shooters while still offering a rewarding experience for more seasoned participants. Club hours vary by season, with public hours available from April through August on Tuesday to Sunday and September through March on Sundays, with some Fridays and Saturdays by appointment.

Membership Options and Benefits

Explore the diverse membership options and exclusive benefits available at Skyline Gun Club for avid shooting enthusiasts. Whether you prefer to join individually or as a family, Skyline Gun Club offers a range of membership choices to suit your needs. By becoming a member, you gain access to discounted prices on various shooting activities such as trap, skeet, sporting clays, and 5-stand, allowing you to enjoy your passion for shooting while saving money.

Additionally, membership at Skyline Gun Club opens the door to a host of exclusive events, clinics, and competitions, providing you with opportunities to enhance your skills and engage with like-minded individuals. You can also take part in leagues and tournaments held throughout the year, adding a competitive edge to your shooting experience. Joining Skyline Gun Club in Arco Highway, Idaho, not only grants you access to exceptional facilities but also immerses you in a supportive community of fellow shooting enthusiasts.

  • Individual and family membership options available
  • Discounted prices on trap, skeet, sporting clays, and 5-stand
  • Access to exclusive events, clinics, and competitions
  • Opportunity to participate in leagues and tournaments throughout the year

Training Programs and Classes

To further enhance your shooting skills and knowledge, Skyline Gun Club, located near Arco Hwy in Idaho, offers a range of training programs and classes conducted by NSCA Level II instructors. These instructors provide personalized instruction tailored to shooters of all levels, ensuring that each participant receives the guidance they need to improve. Whether you’re a beginner looking to learn the basics or an experienced shooter aiming to refine your techniques, the club’s training programs cater to your specific needs.

Classes at Skyline Gun Club are available by appointment, allowing for flexibility in scheduling. The club prides itself on creating a novice-friendly environment where individuals can feel comfortable learning and growing in their shooting abilities. Covering various disciplines, these classes are designed to help you develop a well-rounded skill set and become a more proficient shooter overall. Joining one of these training programs can significantly enhance your shooting experience and take your skills to the next level.

Competitive Shooting Events

Competitive shooting events at Skyline Gun Club offer participants the opportunity to showcase their skills and compete in a challenging yet friendly atmosphere. Shooters can engage in various disciplines such as ATA Trap, Sporting Clays, 5-Stand, and Skeet, providing a diverse range of competitive experiences. Events at Skyline Gun Club may feature different categories based on skill level or age, ensuring fair competition for all participants. Winners of these competitions stand a chance to receive prizes or recognition for their achievements in the shooting sports.

  • Shooters can test their precision and accuracy at the trap fields.
  • Sporting clay enthusiasts can enjoy the challenging courses designed to mimic hunting scenarios.
  • The 5-Stand discipline offers a fast-paced and dynamic shooting experience.
  • Skeet shooting provides a classic and competitive environment for participants to showcase their skills.

Community Engagement and Outreach

Engaging with the community through inclusive programs and outreach initiatives, Skyline Gun Club actively promotes shotgun sports and safety to a diverse audience. Located in Idaho along W Arco Hwy, the club prioritizes community engagement by offering events tailored for new shooters and women interested in the sport. Through its outreach programs, Skyline Gun Club aims to introduce more individuals to the shooting sports community while emphasizing the importance of safety and skill development.

The club’s commitment to community engagement extends beyond just events, as it also provides educational sessions and clinics suitable for all skill levels. By fostering a welcoming environment, Skyline Gun Club ensures that those interested in shotgun sports feel included and supported. These outreach efforts not only serve to grow the club’s membership but also contribute to the broader promotion of responsible firearm use and sportsmanship within the community.




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