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Have you ever wondered about the hidden connection between St. Maries Gun Club and the local wildlife conservation efforts?

As you explore the club’s offerings and activities, a surprising link emerges that sheds light on their commitment to environmental stewardship.

This intriguing aspect adds a unique dimension to the club’s reputation and may prompt you to reconsider your perception of shooting clubs.

Club History and Origins

The inception of St. Maries Gun Club traces back to a group of devoted individuals with a shared passion for trapshooting sports. Founded in St. Maries, ID, the club was established to promote and foster the love for trapshooting within the community. Since its establishment, St. Maries Gun Club has served as a central hub for trapshooting enthusiasts in the area, providing a platform for individuals to come together, compete, and partake in the sport they love.

The club’s rich history and origins embody the dedication of its founders to create a welcoming and inclusive environment for shooters of all levels. Over the years, St. Maries Gun Club has solidified its position as an essential part of the local trapshooting scene, organizing various events and programs that aim to engage and involve the community in the sport. This dedication to fostering a supportive community has been instrumental in shaping the club’s identity and ensuring its continued success.

Membership Benefits and Requirements

Exploring the membership benefits and requirements at St. Maries Gun Club opens up opportunities for individuals passionate about trapshooting to engage in league shooting and corporate outings. As a member, you gain access to league shooting events and the chance to participate in corporate outings.

To join, simply reach out to the club’s key contact at (208) 245-4101 to inquire about membership details. Upon becoming a member, you can enjoy the amenities offered at the club, including a 1500 sq ft clubhouse equipped with air conditioning for your comfort during organized shoots.

Located at 89919 State Highway 3, Saint Maries, ID 83861, the club provides GPS coordinates for easy navigation to its premises. When planning your visit, remember that reservations can be made via phone, and pricing information is readily available for potential members.

Embrace the benefits of membership at St. Maries Gun Club for an enriching trapshooting experience.

Shooting Range Facilities

Shooting enthusiasts at St. Maries Gun Club can utilize the trap shooting facilities available on-site.

  • The club offers trap shooting but doesn’t provide skeet, 5 stand, sporting, or FITASC options.
  • Located at 323 10th Street, St. Maries, ID 83861, the club’s amenities include a clubhouse spanning 1500 sq ft.
  • The range hosts league shooting events and accommodates corporate outings.
  • Situated 6 miles North of St. Maries on Hwy 3, the clubhouse is equipped with air conditioning for visitor comfort.

Competitive Events and Tournaments

Competitive events and tournaments at St. Maries Gun Club cater to trapshooting enthusiasts seeking organized programs overseen by the State Delegate Leonard Wehking. The club hosts shoots with specific programs and results, participating in State and Zone shoots on designated dates.

For more information on these competitive events, individuals can reach out to the Trapshooting Association and Youth Trapshooting Program. Moreover, St. Maries Gun Club is associated with the Trapshooting Hall of Fame, highlighting excellence within the sport.

The club’s emphasis on structured competitions provides a platform for shooters to test their skills in a competitive environment. Under the guidance of Leonard Wehking, the club ensures that these events run smoothly and adhere to established regulations.

Trapshooting enthusiasts looking to engage in competitive tournaments can find a supportive and competitive environment at St. Maries Gun Club.

Community Outreach and Involvement

How does St. Maries Gun Club actively engage with the community through various outreach programs and initiatives? The club’s commitment to community involvement is evident through:

  • Collaboration with local schools and youth organizations to offer trapshooting lessons and competitions for young shooters.
  • Hosting charity events and fundraisers to support local causes and initiatives in the St. Maries area.
  • Volunteerism from members who provide shooting clinics and workshops for community members of all ages.
  • Hosting special events like women’s shooting nights and veterans’ appreciation days.

Through these initiatives, the St. Maries Gun Club not only promotes gun safety and education but also fosters a sense of camaraderie and support within the community. By engaging with various groups and hosting diverse events, the club creates opportunities for individuals of all backgrounds to participate in shooting sports and learn valuable skills in a safe and welcoming environment.




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