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Have you ever wondered why the Shoshone County Public Shooting Range has become a go-to destination for shooting enthusiasts in Idaho?

The range’s reputation for providing a safe and well-maintained environment is just the beginning of what sets it apart.

The facilities and services offered cater to a wide range of shooting interests, making it a versatile and welcoming space for both beginners and experienced shooters alike.

Intrigued to learn more about what makes this shooting range a standout choice?

Location and Facilities

Located conveniently off Interstate 90 at 1700 Government Gulch Rd in Kellogg, Idaho, the Shoshone County Public Shooting Range provides a range of shooting options and amenities for visitors. The range is easily accessible, making it a popular choice for shooting enthusiasts. Situated in the scenic Government Gulch area, the facility offers covered shooting areas, picnic tables, restrooms, and ample parking space for visitors’ convenience.

The Shoshone County Public Shooting Range takes pride in its commitment to safety. Range safety officers are present on-site to ensure a safe shooting environment. Mandatory safety briefings are conducted to educate visitors on proper gun handling practices. The facility strictly adheres to state firearm laws and enforces regulations on ammunition types and target placement. Additionally, age restrictions are in place to maintain a secure environment for all shooters.

In addition to serving recreational shooters, the range supports local law enforcement training and hosts various shooting events, contributing positively to the community and local economy.

Shooting Range Rules

To ensure a safe and organized shooting environment, all visitors to the Shoshone County Public Shooting Range must adhere to the established range rules and safety guidelines. Firearms should be unloaded and cased on-site before entering the shooting range.

It’s mandatory for shooters to wear safety glasses and hearing protection at all times while on the range. Both shooters and spectators are advised to follow all range rules and directions provided by the Range Master. Non-compliance with safety regulations and Range Master instructions may result in expulsion from the range.

Adherence to strict safety protocols, including wearing safety gear and following range rules, is crucial for a safe shooting experience. By following these regulations diligently, visitors contribute to creating a secure environment for all individuals using the shooting range. Remember to respect and adhere to the rules to ensure a safe and enjoyable shooting experience for everyone involved.

Target Options Available

For an enhanced shooting experience at the Shoshone County Public Shooting Range, explore the diverse target options available to suit various shooting preferences and skill levels. The range provides a range of target options:

  1. Paper Targets: Ideal for precision shooting, paper targets help shooters refine their accuracy and aim.
  2. Steel Targets: Offering audible feedback upon impact, steel targets are popular for target practice sessions where marksmen can improve their shooting skills.
  3. Reactive Targets: Shooters can engage with reactive targets like silhouette targets that provide a more dynamic shooting experience, simulating realistic training scenarios at the public shooting range.

These target options cater to shooters of all levels, ensuring that whether you’re a beginner looking to improve your skills or an experienced marksman honing your accuracy, you can find the right target to meet your shooting needs at the Shoshone County Public Shooting Range.

Safety Measures in Place

Range safety officers at the Shoshone County Public Shooting Range ensure the implementation of essential safety measures for all participants. When visiting the range, you can expect mandatory safety briefings to be conducted before you start using the shooting facilities. These briefings emphasize responsible gun handling practices, contributing to a safe environment for everyone.

Additionally, safety equipment like safety glasses and hearing protection is readily available for public use, promoting a culture of safety awareness. The range prides itself on the strict enforcement of safety protocols to uphold a secure shooting experience for all visitors. By adhering to these measures, both the staff and the public can enjoy the shooting range confidently, knowing that their well-being is a top priority.

Whether you’re a seasoned shooter or a beginner, the commitment to safety at the Shoshone County Public Shooting Range ensures a safe and enjoyable experience for all.

Membership and Pricing

Coming to the discussion of membership and pricing at the Shoshone County Public Shooting Range, individuals of all skill levels are welcome to join and benefit from various membership options.

  1. Inclusive Membership: The Shoshone County Public Shooting Range welcomes firearm enthusiasts regardless of their experience level, offering a community-oriented environment for all to enjoy.
  2. Flexible Pricing: Pricing options at the range cater to different preferences, with discounts often available for those opting for annual subscriptions, making it cost-effective for regular visitors.
  3. Membership Benefits: Members not only gain access to the range’s shooting facilities but also enjoy various amenities and special events. Additionally, discounted rates on training courses provide an excellent opportunity for skill development and improvement in a safe and supervised setting.

With these membership offerings and pricing flexibility, the Shoshone County Public Shooting Range aims to provide a welcoming and affordable experience for individuals interested in honing their shooting skills and enjoying the shooting sports community.




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