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Have you ever pondered where marksmanship finesse meets a community of like-minded enthusiasts?

At Fernan Rod & Gun Club in Idaho, you’ll find a haven that caters to a diverse range of shooting disciplines. As you step onto the grounds of this esteemed facility, a world of camaraderie, skill-building, and spirited competitions unfolds before you.

But what sets this club apart from the rest? Stay tuned to uncover the unique offerings that make Fernan Rod & Gun Club a standout destination for firearm aficionados and those seeking a welcoming shooting environment.

Club History and Heritage

Established in 1946, the Fernan Rod & Gun Club holds a significant place in Idaho’s history as a premier shooting and training facility for civilians, military personnel, and law enforcement. The club’s heritage is deeply rooted in its commitment to promoting safe gun handling practices and firearm education among its diverse membership base. Over the decades, the Fernan Rod & Gun Club has evolved into a vital hub for shooting sports enthusiasts, emphasizing the importance of responsible marksmanship traditions.

As a cornerstone of the region’s shooting community, the club’s legacy reflects a dedication to providing a welcoming space for individuals passionate about firearms. Through its various programs and events, the Fernan Rod & Gun Club continues to uphold its reputation as a respected institution focused on fostering a culture of safety, education, and camaraderie within the shooting sports community in Idaho.

Shooting Facilities Overview

With a focus on providing state-of-the-art facilities for diverse shooting activities, the Fernan Rod & Gun Club stands as a premier destination in Idaho for honing marksmanship skills and engaging in shooting sports.

Fernan Rod and Gun Club offers a joint civilian, military, and police firing range facility, making it the only one of its kind in Idaho. This unique setup caters to a diverse group of shooters, providing a platform for various shooting activities, training programs, and competitions.

The club’s facilities and services are meticulously designed to accommodate a wide range of shooting enthusiasts, establishing it as a popular destination for gun-related activities in the region.

Whether you’re looking to enhance your marksmanship abilities, participate in shooting sports, or engage in friendly competitions, Fernan Rod & Gun Club’s shooting facilities are equipped to meet your needs and foster a community of passionate shooters dedicated to the sport.

Fishing Opportunities Guide

To optimize your fishing experience at the Fernan Rod & Gun Club, explore the comprehensive Fishing Opportunities Guide detailing access points, species diversity, and conservation practices.

  • Discover prime fishing locations along East Fernan Lake Road for a variety of species.
  • Learn about the conservation efforts in place at Fernan Lake to maintain a healthy fish population.
  • Explore the different fishing techniques recommended for the specific species found in Fernan Lake.
  • Find out about special fishing events organized by the club to promote angling skills and conservation awareness.

Fernan Rod & Gun Club’s Fishing Opportunities Guide not only enhances your chances of a successful fishing trip but also educates on responsible angling practices. By understanding the diverse fish species present in Fernan Lake and the club’s commitment to conservation, you can make the most of your fishing outings while contributing to the sustainability of this natural resource.

Community Events Calendar

Explore the array of shooting competitions and training programs featured on the Fernan Rod & Gun Club’s Community Events Calendar to elevate your marksmanship skills and engage with a diverse community of shooters.

As a member of this prestigious Rod and Gun Club in Idaho, you have the opportunity to participate in a variety of events tailored to enhance your shooting abilities. Scheduled events like Steel Matches, Tactical Shootouts, and IDPA matches provide a platform for honing your marksmanship techniques under different scenarios.

Additionally, special events such as Women’s Shooting Clinics, Youth Shooting Programs, and Concealed Carry Classes cater to specific interests and skill levels within the gun community.

Membership Benefits and Info

Membership at the Fernan Rod & Gun Club grants individuals access to a range of exclusive benefits, including range usage, events, and training programs.

  • Enjoy access to the police firing range for target practice and skill improvement.
  • Participate in various events such as shooting competitions, conservation initiatives, and educational seminars.
  • Engage in specialized training programs to enhance firearm safety, marksmanship skills, and conservation efforts.
  • Benefit from networking opportunities with fellow members who share a passion for shooting sports and wildlife conservation.

Different membership options are available to cater to individual preferences, with varying fees based on the selected package. Military and law enforcement members receive discounts on membership fees at the Fernan Rod & Gun Club, fostering a community of individuals dedicated to responsible firearm use and conservation practices.

Special rates are also offered for youth and seniors, ensuring that individuals of all ages can participate in the club’s activities and enjoy the benefits of membership in this esteemed Idaho Gun Club.




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