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The Santa Lucia Sportsmen’s Association (SLSA) has garnered attention for its extensive range of facilities and events, along with its strong community presence. Nestled in a location that reviewers describe as quiet, clean, and private, the association emphasizes safety and respect in all firearm practices, a point often highlighted by long-term members and local residents.

Annual Events and Community Activities: After a four-year hiatus, excitement buzzes around the SLSA with the return of the Fall Classic Turkey Shoot. Members eagerly anticipate further details about the event, including the BBQ lunch menu and safety protocols, particularly for minors. Regular updates are promised via email and the official website, ensuring all participants are well-informed.

The association’s commitment to continuous improvement is evident with recent upgrades like the acquisition of four new Pat-Trap machines, enhancing the trap shooting experience. Used units are also available for purchase, signaling an opportunity for enthusiasts to own equipment at a competitive price.

Training and Safety Education: SLSA takes pride in its comprehensive safety courses, such as the ‘Stop the Bleed’ training, open to all members and their families, enhancing first-response skills during emergencies. Additionally, there is a clear emphasis on maintaining the range, with scheduled maintenance work parties and an active search for a professional landscape designer to elevate the ambiance and safety of the outdoor spaces.

Membership and Fees: As of 2023, the association offers various membership tiers, including standard, senior/student, and family options, with fees ranging from $115 to $165 annually. An initiation fee is applicable for new members, and guests are welcome under strict supervision and compliance with the association’s rules, emphasizing the organization’s commitment to safety and order. Guest policies are stringent, ensuring that range facilities remain exclusive and secure.

Facilities and Range Rules: The SLSA stands out for its array of shooting disciplines, offering facilities for activities like trap and skeet, archery, and various forms of rifle shooting. Reviewers commend the well-maintained and safe environment, attributed to the club’s Range Safety Officers (RSO) program and clear, enforceable range rules. The club’s strict adherence to procedures suggests a no-compromise attitude toward safety.

Community Feedback: Long-standing members of the SLSA often express immense pride in their affiliation, citing consistent upgrades and an unwavering focus on safety as key factors. The association’s respect within the local community is notable, with residents acknowledging the responsible handling of firearm practices. The once-a-month archery lessons, open to the public, also receive positive attention for encouraging safe and responsible archery skills among a broader audience.

Communications and Online Presence: SLSA maintains an active online presence, with a well-organized website providing easy access to information on events, safety rules, and memberships. The association takes modern approaches to communication, utilizing platforms like email for updates and online forms for easy registration processes.

Critiques and Areas for Improvement: While reviews lean heavily positive, there is an undercurrent of desire for expanded accessibility and inclusivity within the club’s activities. The strict guest policy, although understood as a safety measure, is also seen as limiting for potential members wanting to experience the range more fully before committing to full membership.




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