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Nestled approximately 15 miles off I15, Lytle Creek Firing Line offers a scenic drive through the mountains, past the Forest Service office and the township of Lytle Creek. Just continue for about 4 miles after passing the last house and take a right turn at the end of the pavement to find your way to this secluded firing line.


  • Adults: $25.00/day
  • Kids (13 and under): $14.00/day
  • Spectators (Not allowed to handle firearms): $5.00/day
  • Archery Only: $25.00/day
  • Target stands with printed targets: $10.00 each

Note: This range is cash-only and does not rent firearms.


  • A selection of snacks and basic shooting supplies available on-site.
  • Welcomes all California compliant firearms, including black powder firearms.
  • Provides facilities for archery, crossbow, BB, and pellet guns.

Range Rules & Safety: Safety is a paramount concern at Lytle Creek Firing Line. Every adult must complete the waiver/range rule form and minors must be named on their guardian’s registration. Important guidelines include:

  • Approved eye and ear protection is mandatory.
  • Strict adherence to the range speed limit and other safety instructions.
  • Comprehensive rules for firearm handling, especially during “CEASE-FIRE”.
  • Requirement for empty chamber flags/indicators during “CEASE-FIRE”.
  • Strict prohibition on drugs, alcohol, and certain types of ammunition.
  • Specific guidelines for handling and transporting firearms.

Classes & Workshops: Lytle Creek Firing Line offers a myriad of classes and workshops, catering to both novices and experienced shooters. Classes range from the NRA gold standard basic firearms safety courses to workshops focusing on specific shooting disciplines. Instructors are highly qualified with affiliations to the National Rifle Association or possess other advanced training.

Some notable courses include:

  • NRA Classes such as Basic Pistol Shooting, Basic Rifle Shooting, and more.
  • Lytle Creek Beginning Firearms Courses which covers basic gun safety, parts of firearms, proper care, maintenance, and basic shooting skills.
  • Lytle Creek Workshops and Skill Building Activities such as conceal carry practice, bulls-eye pistol, shotgun/trap shooting, and more.
  • Junior Activities aimed at educating the youth on firearms safety, marksmanship, and sportsmanship.

Note: For all courses and workshops, participants are urged to complete a registration form to indicate their preferred dates.

Strengths (Based on Reviews):

  • Scenic location that gives a feeling of seclusion.
  • Comprehensive safety protocols ensure a secure environment for all participants.
  • Diverse range of classes catering to various expertise levels.

Weaknesses (Based on Reviews):

  • Cash-only policy might be inconvenient for some visitors.
  • No firearm rental service.




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