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Situated in the scenic Mojave Desert, the Sage Shooting Range is a well-established non-profit club, drawing shooting enthusiasts from near and far. With an impressive track record of over 330 sunlit days a year, it’s almost always the ideal day for shooting at Sage. The club’s strategic location, a mere 20-minute drive west of Ridgecrest, California, makes it a convenient spot for both local and visiting shooters, accessible from Highways 395 and 14.


  • Ten dedicated pistol bays, spanning about 50 yards each.
  • A 200-yard rifle range, versatile enough for 5-Stand shotgun shoots or simply sighting in your rifle.
  • A 500-yard precision rifle range, achievable when adjacent bays and ranges are momentarily closed.
  • A diverse range of targets is set up in the bays, including a duo of six-plate racks and assorted steel targets in the pistol bays. Additionally, steel targets for rifles are stationed at the 100-yard range.

Events and Matches: Managed purely by volunteer shooting aficionados, Sage Range boasts an active monthly schedule packed with a wide array of shooting events such as:

  • 22 Steel Club Shoots
  • NRL 22 Matches
  • 5-Stand Shotgun events
  • USPSA Matches
  • Precision Rifle Competitions

Over recent years, the range has gained recognition as a host for noteworthy regional contests like the Silver Buckle Match and Silver Buckle Master Marksman Match. Beginners are warmly welcomed, with the friendly community at Sage always eager to assist and answer questions.

Instruction: The range is a preferred choice for local instructors to coach beginners and seasoned shooters across rifle, pistol, and shotgun categories. A handful of them also specialize in CCW training.

Community Contribution: Sage Range proudly serves as a community nexus. Local law enforcement, including the Ridgecrest Police Department, along with local military personnel, benefit from its facilities for recreational shooting. Additionally, several Boy Scouts groups choose Sage Range for both training and camping adventures. Their “Women on Target” initiatives, held multiple times a year, aim to introduce the sport to women, mentored by experienced female shooters. This community outreach is made feasible due to the kind-hearted grants from the Friends of the National Rifle Association.

Membership Details for 2023: Sage Shooting Range, undoubtedly among the finest shooting sports facilities in Southern California, beckons you to be a part of its community. Membership access has been made more seamless with the transition from physical keys to Bluetooth locks, managed via a user-friendly smartphone app available for both iPhone and Android users. When procuring a membership, details are smoothly dispatched to the member.

For those desiring to add another household member to their membership, the process is straightforward and at no additional cost. However, this perk is reserved for cohabiting spouses. A previously done liability waiver holds good, eliminating the need for annual renewals.




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