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Located in Lincoln, CA, the Lincoln Rifle Club Indoor Range is a renowned facility offering a comprehensive shooting experience. Catering to both beginners and seasoned shooters, the club offers diverse opportunities to engage with the shooting sports.

Facilities & Services

  1. The Dillman Range:
    • Offers shooting up to 300 yards on the rifle side.
    • Open to the public with a fee of $20 per shooter. Veterans enjoy a discounted fee of $10, while children 15 years and younger can shoot for free when accompanied by an adult.
    • Please note: Ammunition and firearms are not available for sale or rent.
    • For information on range hours and events, please call the recorded message at 916-543-2874.
  2. Paper Targets:
    • Available for purchase at $0.25 each.
  3. Indoor Range:
    • Primarily used for the Junior Program and scheduled matches.
    • Located at 65 McBean Park Drive, this multi-functional facility consists of 9 firing points for .22 rimfire firearms up to a distance of 50 feet.
    • The indoor range is not open for general public shooting.
  4. Junior Division:
    • Recognized as one of the finest Junior Programs in California.
  5. Action Pistol and Multi-Gun Competition:
    • Engage in one of the fastest-growing shooting sports.
  6. Membership:
    • Initial membership includes a one-time initiation fee of $30 and an annual fee of $120.
    • All members must also be part of the National Rifle Association (NRA), with membership options available through the Lincoln Rifle Club.
    • Members enjoy various benefits, including priority at matches and events, discounts, and access to exclusive club-sanctioned events.

Reviews: Recent visitors have praised the club, often highlighting the welcoming community and excellent facilities. The club stands out for its camaraderie and the quality of its services. Reviewers describe it as a “great club with great people” and commend it as an “awesome place.”

Mission: Operated as a social club, the Lincoln Rifle Club emphasizes the joy of shooting sports and fellowship. The club’s mission encompasses fostering good citizenship, promoting safe firearm handling, and encouraging marksmanship and competitive shooting.

Joining the Club: Engage with a community that prioritizes its members, offering discounts and exclusive access to events. The club welcomes individuals who share a passion for the shooting sports and uphold the values of the 2nd Amendment.




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