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Located in a serene rural setting, the Lincoln Rifle Club offers a premier shooting experience for gun enthusiasts. Its Dillman Range extends up to 300 yards on the rifle side, catering to both long guns and pistols. With safety as its top priority, the facility has earned accolades for its well-thought-out design, cleanliness, and well-orchestrated setup.

Features & Facilities:

  • Affordable Shooting Fees: The Dillman Range charges $20 per shooter, with discounts for veterans at $10. Children aged 15 and below shoot for free when accompanied by an adult.
  • Safety First: The range is monitored by vigilant and professional Range Safety Officers (RSO) who ensure a secure environment. New visitors should be prepared to follow safety rules diligently.
  • Equipment & Targets: While they do not rent or sell firearms or ammunition, paper targets are available for purchase at $0.25 each.
  • Hours of Operation: Refer to their weekly recorded message at 916-543-2874 or their online calendar for the most up-to-date range hours and events.
  • Indoor Range: Primarily reserved for the Junior Program and scheduled matches.

Membership Benefits & Procedures:

  • Exclusive Privileges: Members enjoy shooting bench priority during peak times, access to club-sanctioned matches, and social interactions with a community supporting the 2nd Amendment.
  • Cost-effective: Membership includes free use of the Dillman Range for full members, and discounted fees for associate members.
  • Joining Process: Potential members must submit a membership application, Hold Harmless Agreement, Code of Ethics Form, and pay non-refundable fees. An NRA membership is also required, which can be acquired through the Lincoln Rifle Club.
  • Probationary Period: New members have a 12-month probationary period with specific requirements to become a full member. During this time, they enjoy most privileges of full membership except voting.

Feedback from Visitors:

Visitors consistently highlight the venue’s safety orientation, helpful staff, and family-friendly environment. Many were impressed with the range’s cleanliness, organization, and respect they received as first-time shooters. The range’s commitment to adhering to safety rules is evident, which some visitors appreciate, though a few mentioned that staff can occasionally be stern in their approach.

Recommendations for Visitors:

  1. Ear/hearing protection is a must due to the noise levels.
  2. Familiarize oneself with the range’s safety rules before visiting.
  3. Note that the club doesn’t rent or sell firearms and doesn’t offer ammunition.




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