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Located just 1 mile north of Lincoln at 1420 Sheridan Lincoln Blvd, the Lincoln Rifle Club’s Dillman Range is a spacious 10.8-acre shooting facility. A haven for gun enthusiasts, the range offers:

  • 32 covered firing points for rifles and pistols.
  • A 16-yard practice trap area.
  • Target placements at various distances:
  • Targets and frames are available at most distances, with fixed target equipment at the 200-yard mark.

While the club does not offer firearm rentals or ammunition sales, it provides portable restroom facilities. However, visitors are advised to bring their snacks as there are no kitchen facilities. A soda machine is available for refreshments. Camping on the range property is prohibited.

Membership Benefits:

  • Priority bench seating and at events for members.
  • Discounts for full and associate members.
  • Exclusive club-sanctioned matches and events.
  • Social activities and a community that upholds the 2nd Amendment.

Membership Fee Structure:

  • One-time Initiation Fee: $30.
  • Annual Membership: $120 (with work credit), $180 (without work credit).
  • NRA Membership (mandatory): Options available through Lincoln Rifle Club, either full membership for $35.00 (with monthly magazine) or an associate membership for $10.00 (no magazine).
  • Work Credit Opportunity: Volunteer for a minimum of 4 hours to receive work credit, which includes participation in events or range maintenance days. Maintenance days are held monthly.

Reviews Summary:

The Dillman Range is highly regarded for its safety measures, cleanliness, and well-maintained facilities. Many reviewers praise the professional yet friendly staff, highlighting experiences with helpful rangemasters. A consistent sentiment shared is the value for money, with a notable mention of the club’s fairness towards military personnel, offering them free admission.

Several reviewers appreciate the range’s outdoor environment and its ample shading for shooters. The range is recognized as a preferred location to sight in rifles, practice shooting, and engage in community activities. There’s an emphasis on the range’s safety ethos, with experienced shooters appreciating the rigorous safety practices.

However, there are some restrictions in place, notably the “one per one” rule for semi-automatic systems. While this might limit certain shooting styles, the club emphasizes that it’s a safety measure, especially given the varied skill levels of visitors.




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