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Nestled in the heart of Delaware, JD Defense Guns & Training stands as a reputable, locally-owned, family-operated business. This facility presents a year-round outdoor shooting range that stretches up to 100 yards, accompanied by a dedicated skeet area for enthusiasts.

The wide array of firearms and ammunition available for purchase is commendable, with the added distinction of being a certified Smith & Wesson Dealer. Prospective and seasoned shooters will appreciate the educational offerings here – JD Defense has certified instructors on board who conduct a myriad of classes ranging from beginner levels to advanced. Notably, they also provide Carry Concealed Weapon Permit Classes, Advanced Moving & Shooting Courses, and exclusive classes for women.

As an added boon for gun enthusiasts, the facility has recently introduced both resident and non-resident New Jersey concealed carry classes. However, it’s worth noting that these are not intended for novices. For those keen on qualifying, prior scheduling of a range practice class is highly recommended.

Photographs showcase their finely customized sig sauer p320s, indicating the level of craftsmanship and pride they take in their offerings.


  • The vast majority of regulars and visitors commend JD Defense for its value for money, with many praising the reasonable range fees and competitive pricing on firearms.
  • Upgrades like enhanced benches have been highlighted for improving the shooting experience, ensuring comfort and positioning.
  • The friendly and knowledgeable staff, especially John, have been frequently mentioned for their expertise and welcoming nature.
  • Many reviewers appreciate the straightforwardness of the facility – it’s a place focused on shooting without unnecessary frills.
  • The facility is inclusive, allowing both members and non-members to utilize the range.

Areas of Improvement:

  • There have been isolated incidents where visitors felt the range officers were a bit abrasive or the rules too strict. However, the management emphasizes their commitment to safety and has responded to some concerns.
  • Some visitors mention the range as being somewhat ‘primitive’, but also acknowledge the affordability that comes with it.
  • A few reviews highlighted concerns about cleanliness and organization in the establishment.
  • There are specific rules about picking up brass, which might not sit well with every visitor.




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