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Nestled amidst almost 200 acres of land, the Benton Gun Club Inc. boasts eight outdoor shooting ranges, making it one of the premier shooting destinations in Arkansas. Catering to various shooting disciplines, the club hosts competitive matches across each discipline, typically for a modest fee of $5. Notably, while the club operates as a private, NRA-affiliated entity, it warmly welcomes the general public to its matches. However, a caveat for non-members is that on match days, they can only access the range where the match is taking place unless accompanied by a club member.

Location & Meetings The club conducts monthly meetings, which are essential for those looking to join. These gatherings take place on the second Monday of every month at 7:00 PM. The venue for these meetings is the Elegant Creations Event Center, located at 6221 Hwy 5 North, suite 5, Bryant, AR 72022. It’s important to note that new memberships are not entertained during October or November.

Membership Details Membership to the Benton Gun Club is structured as a family package, encompassing the primary member, their spouse, and children below 18 years. Eligibility requirements for applicants include:

  • Being at least 18 years old.
  • Possession of good citizenship records.
  • Being an NRA member (If not, the club can assist in the registration process during the meeting).

Fees Upon acceptance, new members are expected to cover:

  • A one-time maintenance fee of $100.
  • Membership fees of $100 (for those under 65) or $80 (for members above 65).
  • An NRA membership fee of $45 for one year. The maximum payable amount during joining is $245, and only cash or check payments are accepted.

Reviews Many reviewers acclaim the Benton Gun Club as one of the finest in Arkansas. Here are the strengths and potential areas of improvement based on user reviews:


  • Highly maintained and accessible facilities.
  • Friendly, safe environment, with emphasis on fostering the next generation of shooting enthusiasts.
  • Offers a family-friendly atmosphere with varied shooting matches, including IDPA, USPSA, GLOCK shooting, long rifle, and shotgun events.
  • Reasonable membership dues and cost-effective in comparison to indoor ranges.

Areas of Improvement:

  • Some members have highlighted delays in response times.
  • Concerns regarding membership and usage fees, with some perceiving it as expensive.




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