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Welcome to Gun Site Hills, an elite 800-yard precision rifle range located in Lexington, Georgia. This range is a haven for both seasoned marksmen and those new to long-range shooting, offering a comprehensive and unique shooting experience.

Range Features:

  • Varied Shooting Positions: Offers both prone firing positions with mats and granite shooting benches equipped with sandbags and various shooting rests.
  • Diverse Target Options: Includes standard paper targets, steel deer silhouettes, electric moving targets, and pop-ups at various distances.
  • Bipartite Targeting System: Features large white steel targets and silhouettes every 50 yards, with left-side targets in yards and right-side targets in meters.
  • Professional Training: Provides practical training in rifle, pistol, shotgun, and reloading, with a focus on precision and technique.

Services and Amenities:

  • Refreshments Available: Serves hamburgers, hot dogs, and beverages for a complete day’s experience.
  • Specialized Classes: Offers comprehensive classes that blend theory and practice, extending from basic familiarization to advanced long-range shooting.

User Reviews Reflect:

  • Expert Instruction: The owner, often referred to as “Chief,” is praised for his knowledge and effective teaching methods, particularly in long-range shooting.
  • Mixed Feedback on Customer Service: Some visitors report excellent experiences with attentive staff, while others mention issues with the owner’s approach and communication style.
  • Safe and Well-Managed Facility: Regulars commend the range for its safety protocols and efficient management.
  • Varied Individual Experiences: Reviews indicate that while many find the range and instruction top-notch, others have had less favorable interactions.

Operational Details:

  • Standard Range Fee: $25 per session for standard rifles, with options for full-day shooting.
  • Special Surcharge: Additional charges for high-caliber rifles and specialized targets.
  • Appointment-Based Scheduling: Primarily operates by appointment, ensuring personalized attention and optimal shooting conditions.
  • Safety Priority: Emphasizes safety briefings and adherence to rules for a secure shooting environment.




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  • Tuesday 09:00 AM - 03:00 PM
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