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If you’re looking to experience the thrill of shooting in a controlled and supervised environment, ‘Get Your Shoot On Idaho’ in Hailey might be just what you’re searching for. With a range of firearms available for use, expert instruction, and options for both beginners and seasoned shooters, this facility promises an exciting opportunity.

Whether you’re curious about firearms or aiming to enhance your shooting skills, there’s something here for everyone. Find out more about the offerings and services that could make your visit to ‘Get Your Shoot On Idaho’ truly memorable.

Shooting Range Facilities Overview

Interested in experiencing diverse shooting opportunities in Idaho?

At Get Your Shoot On Idaho, owned by Jeff Kreyssig and located at the Hurtig Shooting Center in Hailey, you’ll find a range of shooting range facilities to cater to your interests.

The Hurtig Shooting Center offers Fun Shoots for individuals aged 10 and above, including long-range precision courses and private instruction.

The center spans over 15 acres and features pneumatic steel ranges for both pistol and rifle shooting.

Whether you’re looking to improve your skills with private instruction or participate in fun shoots with family and friends, the Hurtig Shooting Center provides a family-friendly environment suitable for all skill levels.

Additionally, with year-round availability, including during the winter months, it’s an ideal destination for corporate groups seeking unique shooting experiences in Idaho.

For those interested in diverse shooting experiences, the Hurtig Shooting Center at Get Your Shoot On Idaho is a premier choice.

Firearm Rental Options

Offering a variety of firearm rental options, Get Your Shoot On Idaho provides a comprehensive shooting experience for individuals of all skill levels.

Here are some key points to consider when looking into firearm rentals at Get Your Shoot On Idaho:

  1. Selection: Choose from a range of firearms including 9mm Glock handguns and AR-15 rifles.
  2. Affordability: Enjoy the starting price of $150 per person for rental packages, making it accessible for all.
  3. Instruction: Benefit from personalized guidance on gun safety and proper usage from owner Jeff Kreyssig during your rental session.
  4. Accessibility: Suitable for individuals aged 10 and above, these rental packages ensure a safe and enjoyable shooting experience for everyone.

With these offerings, Get Your Shoot On Idaho caters to a diverse audience, providing not just the equipment but also the knowledge and support needed for a fulfilling shooting experience.

Target Shooting Packages Available

Target shooting packages are available at Get Your Shoot On Idaho, providing a variety of firearms for a comprehensive shooting experience. These packages, which start at $150 per person, come with AR-15 rifles and 9mm Glock handguns, according to Jeff Kreyssig. Personalized instruction and a focus on gun safety ensure a safe environment for all participants.

Regardless of skill level, everyone is welcome, and equipment is provided to guarantee an enjoyable experience. Located at the Hurtig Shooting Center in Hailey, Idaho, Get Your Shoot On caters to families and corporate groups looking for a unique shooting adventure.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced shooter, these packages offer a mix of education and excitement. Embrace the opportunity to hone your shooting skills in a controlled and supervised setting. Join the fun at Get Your Shoot On for an unforgettable experience in the heart of Idaho.

Safety Measures and Regulations

When visiting Get Your Shoot On Idaho, it’s imperative to adhere to strict safety measures and regulations to ensure a secure shooting environment for all participants. To guarantee a safe experience at the shooting range, consider the following:

  1. Unloaded and Cased Guns: All firearms must be unloaded and cased while on-site at Get Your Shoot On Idaho.
  2. Protective Gear: Make sure to wear safety glasses and hearing protection within the boundaries of the shooting range.
  3. Adherence to Rules: Range Masters are present to enforce firearm safety rules and ensure compliance for everyone’s safety.
  4. Consequences of Non-Compliance: Failure to follow the range regulations may lead to expulsion from the shooting range.

Expert Tips for Better Shooting

To enhance your shooting skills at Get Your Shoot On Idaho, consider implementing these expert tips.

Jeff Kreyssig, an esteemed NRA certified instructor, offers personalized shooting experiences at this renowned location in Hailey, Idaho. Whether you’re interested in 9mm Glock handguns or AR-15 rifles, Get Your Shoot On provides a range of firearms for your shooting pleasure.

Private instruction is also available, starting at $150 per person, ensuring a comprehensive shooting experience tailored to your needs. Situated at the Hurtig Shooting Center, this facility welcomes individuals aged 10 and above, families, and corporate groups seeking to improve their shooting abilities.

Jeff Kreyssig prioritizes safety, enjoyment, and skill enhancement, catering to shooting enthusiasts looking to hone their marksmanship. By following Kreyssig’s guidance and utilizing the resources at Get Your Shoot On, you can elevate your shooting capabilities and make the most of your time at this premier shooting destination.




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