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If you’re new to shooting or hesitant to join a pistol club due to lack of experience, the Lewiston Pistol Club is the perfect place to start honing your skills. Offering a diverse range of activities and training programs, this club caters to shooters of all levels.

As you step onto the firing line, you’ll find yourself surrounded by fellow enthusiasts eager to share tips and stories. The camaraderie and shared passion for marksmanship foster an environment that encourages growth and improvement.

Whether you’re looking to participate in competitive events or simply improve your shooting skills, Lewiston Pistol Club has something to offer for everyone.

History of Lewiston Pistol Club

Established in 1948 by a group of local firearm enthusiasts, the history of Lewiston Pistol Club highlights a dedication to creating a safe and supportive environment for shooting sports. Central to the club’s activities is the Bernie Peterson Memorial Range, which serves as the primary location for events and classes. This range has played a crucial role in fostering the club’s mission of promoting firearm safety and skill development among its members.

Since its inception, the shooting range at Lewiston Pistol Club has been a hub for both seasoned marksmen and beginners looking to hone their shooting abilities. The range provides a controlled environment where members can practice shooting techniques, participate in competitions, and receive training from experienced instructors. This facility has witnessed the growth of the club’s membership and the expansion of its activities and programs over the years.

The shooting range stands as a testament to the club’s commitment to providing a platform for individuals to engage in shooting sports while upholding the highest standards of safety and camaraderie.

Shooting Range Facilities Available

The shooting range facilities at Lewiston Pistol Club cater to a variety of firearms, offering distances suitable for rifles and pistols up to 100 yards. Members can take advantage of six shooting benches provided by the club, suitable for both rifle and pistol shooting activities. For those seeking a different shooting experience, there’s a clay pigeon trap machine available on-site, adding diversity to the range of shooting options. The club also ensures accessibility for physically-challenged shooters by providing on-site restrooms for their convenience and comfort.

Operating hours at the range vary throughout the year. During December to February, the range is open on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. From March to November, the range extends its hours until 4 p.m. on the same days. These extended hours offer members more flexibility to enjoy the shooting range facilities provided by the Lewiston Pistol Club.

Training and Instruction Programs

Explore a range of training and instruction programs offered at Lewiston Pistol Club to enhance your firearm knowledge and skills. The club provides NRA Home Firearm Safety and Basic Pistol classes, which are essential for individuals looking to obtain an Idaho concealed carry license.

Additionally, Lewiston Pistol Club offers Washington State 1639 Training specifically designed for semi-auto rifle purchases. For those who prefer online learning, the club also provides courses that meet Washington State’s training requirements.

Whether you’re a beginner looking to understand the basics or an experienced shooter aiming to refine your skills, these programs cater to a diverse range of needs. Contact the Lewiston Pistol Club for class schedules and further information on the available training opportunities.

Competitive Events and Matches

Join the Lewiston Pistol Club to participate in a variety of competitive events and matches designed to test and enhance your shooting skills. The club offers a range of exciting opportunities for members to showcase their marksmanship abilities in a competitive setting. Here are some of the key competitive events and matches held at the Lewiston Pistol Club:

  1. Winter Bulls-eye Competition: Held annually before Christmas, this event provides members with a chance to demonstrate their precision shooting skills in a friendly competition setting.
  2. Cowboy Action Competition: Taking place every third Saturday, this event allows members to immerse themselves in the spirit of the Old West and compete in various cowboy action shooting scenarios.
  3. Boomershoot Event: Organized for long-range precision rifle shooting enthusiasts, this event challenges participants to showcase their accuracy and skill at extended distances on the range.

These events not only offer a chance for friendly competition but also provide valuable opportunities for members to hone their shooting abilities under different conditions.

Community Engagement and Membership Benefits

For those seeking a welcoming and knowledgeable community to enhance their shooting skills, Lewiston Pistol Club offers a range of membership benefits and opportunities for engagement. Membership at the club provides access to various shooting disciplines, allowing members to expand their skills and knowledge in different areas of shooting sports. This includes training in NRA Home Firearm Safety and Basic Pistol classes, which can help individuals qualify for Idaho concealed carry licenses.

Moreover, being part of the club grants members the chance to shoot alongside experienced shooters, fostering a supportive environment for skill development.

Community engagement is highly encouraged at Lewiston Pistol Club, with skilled members readily sharing their expertise with others. By participating in club events, members not only improve their shooting abilities but also build camaraderie with fellow enthusiasts. The club’s emphasis on regular shooting disciplines ensures that members can consistently hone their skills and benefit from the wealth of experience present within the club.

Joining Lewiston Pistol Club offers a unique opportunity to engage with a community dedicated to advancing shooting proficiency and fostering a passion for firearms.




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