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United Sportsmen Incorporated (USI) stands as a beacon for outdoor enthusiasts in the Bay Area. Operated by five premier sportsmen clubs, including the Bay Point Rod and Gun Club, Brentwood Rod and Gun Club, Concord Sportsmen’s Club, Diablo Rod and Gun Club, and Walnut Creek Sportsmen’s Club, USI offers a plethora of recreational shooting activities and social events all year round.

Range Offerings:

  1. Rifle & Pistol Ranges: Open to everyone, this range caters to different shooting distances with covered shooting positions. The rifle range boasts 45 benches, featuring 25, 50, and 100-yard targets. Six of these benches cater to dual-use standing rifle & long-distance pistol. The pistol range, on the other hand, is equipped for up to 50-foot targets with 60 benches.
  2. Shotgun Fields: Comprising eight lighted fields, USI provides facilities for trap and skeet shooting. A highlight is the Clay Delay voice puller, making solo practice feasible. For those who love to shoot under the stars, the fields are illuminated for night shooting.
  3. Five Stand: A dynamic shooting sport, the Five Stand offers a combination of clay bird shooting from eight different traps. Each station has a unique menu, detailing the type of bird thrown. Shooters can engage in singles, report pairs, and true pairs, making it a diverse shooting experience.
  4. Archery & “Impalement Arts”: Located across the Multi-Purpose range, USI’s archery range is exclusive to members and their guests. With a minimal fee, it offers a comprehensive archery experience, barring the use of crossbows and broadhead arrows. Adjacent to this is the “Impalement Arts” range, where enthusiasts can indulge in tomahawk and knife throwing.


  • Friendly and Knowledgeable Staff: Reviewers consistently praise the welcoming and skilled staff who go above and beyond to assist patrons. Whether it’s guiding a newbie on sighting a rifle or ensuring safety while shooting skeet, the range masters and staff members have garnered high praise for their expertise.
  • Inclusive Environment: USI has been noted for making everyone feel comfortable, from a 67-year-old woman shooter to a first-timer at the range. Their emphasis on promoting a friendly and inclusive atmosphere sets them apart.
  • Safety: While the environment is relaxed, safety is paramount. Many reviewers appreciate the balance USI strikes between maintaining a strict safety protocol while ensuring a fun experience.
  • Facilities: The spacious layout, numerous shooting benches, and a variety of shooting options make USI a top choice for many. The added facility of night shooting and solo practice on skeet fields is a significant plus.

Areas for Improvement:

  • CCW Policy: Some reviewers have expressed disappointment that Concealed Carry Weapon (CCW) holders cannot bring their firearms into the range.
  • Ammunition Pricing: A few have commented on the high ammo prices, though this may be influenced by external factors.




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