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Nestled just outside the town of El Dorado, the El Dorado Gun Club stands as a testament to the firearm community’s dedication to safety and responsible ownership. Here’s what you should know:

Key Features:

  • One of the oldest gun clubs in the nation, established in 1911.
  • Operated entirely by volunteers, including Range Safety Officers.
  • Offers varied range hours; always advisable to consult the club calendar.
  • Special days reserved exclusively for Law Enforcement.
  • Memberships provide discounted range fees and a voice in board member elections.
  • No firearm rentals; ammunition sales exclusive to the trap range.

Location: 5941 Union Mine Road, El Dorado, CA 95623. Directions:

  • From El Dorado, head south on Highway 49.
  • After a 1/4 mile, turn left onto Union Mine Road.
  • Stay on Union Mine Road, turning right after the first stop sign.
  • Continue for 3 miles; the range is on the left past the old dump.

Membership Packages:

  • Five Year: $225 (Expires December 31, 2028)
  • Lifetime: $500
  • Senior Lifetime: $250
  • Annual: $50 (Expires December 31, 2023)
  • Annual Senior: $30 (Expires December 31, 2023)
  • Family Member: Free (Expires December 31, 2023)

Ranges and Fees:

  • RIFLE: $10 (members) or $15 (non-members) for a 50 and 100-yard range.
  • PISTOL/SMALLBORE: $10 (members) or $15 (non-members) for 25+ yard ranges with varied targets.
  • TRAP: No open range fee; round prices vary based on membership and age.
  • Punch Cards: Available for members with savings on multiple spots.

Safety and Transportation Rules:

  • No alcohol, narcotics, or influenced individuals allowed.
  • Strict firearm handling and storage guidelines.
  • Immediate compliance with Range Safety Officers’ commands.
  • Eye and ear protection mandatory in the firing area.
  • Parking guidelines established for the safety and convenience of all.
  • All firearms should be transported following California state regulations and club policies.


  • A prominent local guide, Crazy Mark, commended the range and highlighted the importance of checking the website for operational hours.
  • Another enthusiast, Andrew Estrada, described it as the “perfect place to squeeze off a round or two.”




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