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Nestled near Antonito, Colorado, the Conejos County Public Shooting Range offers a comprehensive outdoor experience for shooters of all levels. As hunting seasons draw near, it’s crucial to know where you can fine-tune your shooting skills.

Key Features:

  • Diverse Shooting Areas: Equip yourself for precision with a variety of ranges including high-powered rifle, rim-fire, shotgun, and handgun ranges.
  • Extended Range Facilities: From 100 to 600 yards for rifle shooters and 25 to 175 yards for rim-fire firearms.
  • Complimentary Use: Open to the public at no cost.
  • Daily Accessibility: The range is available every day from sunrise until dark, with an automatic gate for entry.
  • Additional Amenities: On-site men’s and women’s restrooms enhance convenience for all users.

Feedback gleaned from community reviews suggests a deep appreciation for the range’s open-air setting and the serenity it offers. Yet, there’s an acknowledgment that with its popularity comes the need for maintenance and respect for the facility, indicating areas that are well-loved yet could benefit from community support and responsible usage.

Strengths as Gathered from Reviews:

  • The range is celebrated for its easy access and no-charge policy, encouraging more visitors.
  • The multiple covered shooting benches for various firearms are a hit among enthusiasts.
  • Its daily open hours from dawn till dusk receive high marks for convenience.

Noted Areas for Improvement:

  • Instances of misuse and the need for better supervision have been pointed out.
  • Some visitors experience challenges with equipment like archery targets.
  • The necessity for equipment check and repairs is acknowledged, reflecting a community-driven call for upkeep.



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