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Located on Co Hwy 44 in Linden, Alabama, the WMA Shooting Range offers a secluded shooting experience nestled deep within the woods. If you’re looking to practice your marksmanship skills away from the city’s hustle and bustle, this range could be a suitable destination.


  • Secluded Location: Based on feedback, the range is located significantly off the beaten path, making it a serene location for those looking to shoot in a more private setting.
  • Opportunity to Practice: Despite some criticisms, reviewers have mentioned that they were able to practice their shooting.


  • Road Access: The road leading to the range can be challenging, with some describing it as unsafe and in bad condition.
  • Maintenance Issues: A few reviewers found the range to be unkempt and lacking in cleanliness.
  • Lack of Facilities: Some visitors noted the absence of posts for setting up targets.
  • Range Etiquette Concerns: Several visitors mentioned a lack of shooting range etiquette, which could pose safety concerns, especially when the range gets crowded.
  • Crowding Issues: On certain occasions, the range can get busy, leading to potential waiting times and challenges in finding a spot.

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