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Big Spring Gun Range offers a shooting experience for both rifle and pistol enthusiasts. The range spans 350 yards for rifles and 30 yards for pistols. Guests can enjoy a comfortable shooting experience with covered buildings that feature covered tables and benches. The facility operates on a membership basis.


  • Membership Satisfaction: Several members, both new and long-standing, have expressed their satisfaction with the range.
  • Well-maintained and Organized: The range is described as well-maintained, with good facilities and infrastructure.
  • Affordable Yearly Membership: Historically, many members have found the yearly membership fee to be of good value.
  • Friendly Community: Early reviews highlight the friendly nature of other members, making it a sociable experience for those who visit.

Points of Concern:

  • Price Increase: There has been mention of a significant price increase in recent years, which some members have found concerning.
  • Customer Service Issues: At least one review has indicated dissatisfaction with the behavior of the owner, describing them as rude and disrespectful.




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