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If you’ve ever wanted to sharpen your shooting skills or simply enjoy a day at the range, Winchester Handgun Range is the place to be. From its state-of-the-art facilities to the diverse range of offerings, there’s something for every gun enthusiast.

Whether you’re a seasoned shooter or just starting out, this range has you covered. So, pack your gear and head over to Winchester Handgun Range for an experience you won’t forget.

Range Layout and Design

Incorporating cutting-edge technology and meticulous planning, the Winchester Handgun Range boasts a meticulously crafted layout designed to optimize shooter experience and safety. The range features multiple shooting lanes, each equipped with advanced target systems to enhance precision and challenge levels for shooters. These shooting lanes are carefully designed to offer a safe and controlled environment for handgun practice and training sessions.

Each of the shooting lanes at the Winchester Handgun Range is equipped with proper ventilation systems to ensure excellent air quality for shooters. Moreover, stringent safety measures are in place to guarantee the well-being of all visitors. The layout of the range is strategically planned to maximize space efficiency and provide a comfortable shooting experience for all participants.

With the state-of-the-art shooting lanes and advanced target systems, the Winchester Handgun Range ensures that visitors can enjoy a top-notch shooting experience in a safe and controlled setting.

Firearm Rental Options

Customers at Winchester Handgun Range have access to a range of firearm rental options to enhance their shooting experience. The gun rental service offers a variety of handguns for visitors to choose from, allowing them to try out different models and calibers. The firearms available for rent are meticulously maintained to ensure top condition and optimal performance, guaranteeing customer satisfaction.

Whether you’re a seasoned shooter looking to test a new handgun or a beginner wanting to experience shooting with various models, the gun rental options at Winchester Handgun Range cater to all skill levels and preferences. Renting a firearm provides visitors with the opportunity to explore different features and functionalities, helping them make informed decisions about their own firearm preferences.

With the wide selection of rental firearms available, customers can enjoy a diversified shooting experience at Winchester Handgun Range.

Safety Guidelines and Procedures

Before engaging in any shooting activities at Winchester Handgun Range, all visitors are required to undergo a comprehensive safety briefing. This crucial step ensures that everyone at the gun club understands the safety guidelines and procedures in place to maintain a secure environment.

Eye and ear protection are mandatory for all individuals within the handgun range area, safeguarding against potential injuries. Strict enforcement of range commands and cease-fire procedures is paramount to guarantee a safe shooting experience for all participants.

The clear marking of firing lines and safe zones aids in maintaining proper distancing and adherence to safety protocols, reducing the risk of accidents. Only authorized personnel are permitted to handle firearms within the handgun range, enhancing overall safety measures.

Training Programs Available

Explore the diverse training programs available at the Winchester Handgun Range, tailored to various skill levels and age groups. The range offers a range of comprehensive training programs to help individuals enhance their shooting skills and knowledge in a safe and structured environment.

  • Industrial Centerfire League: Engage in competitive shooting with the Industrial Centerfire League, designed for participants looking to test their skills in a challenging environment.
  • Beginner Handgun Training: Perfect for those new to handguns, this program focuses on basic shooting skills, proper handling, cleaning techniques, and safe storage practices.
  • Illinois Concealed Carry Classes: Tailored for 8-to-18-year-olds, these classes provide the necessary training to obtain a concealed carry permit, covering legal aspects and practical shooting skills.

With these training programs, participants can benefit from expert instruction and structured learning experiences to develop their shooting abilities effectively.

Membership Benefits

As you progress from honing your shooting skills through our diverse training programs, membership at the Winchester Handgun Range unlocks a range of exclusive benefits tailored to enhance your shooting experience. Members gain access to exclusive member-only events and competitions, fostering a sense of community and camaraderie among fellow shooting enthusiasts.

Enjoy discounted rates on range fees, firearm rentals, and training courses, maximizing your range time while saving on costs. The privilege of utilizing designated member-only lanes and facilities ensures a premium shooting experience with priority booking for private instruction sessions with certified trainers, allowing you to refine your skills effectively.

Additionally, members receive special offers and promotions on merchandise and accessories at our retail store, providing value beyond the range. For law enforcement professionals, membership at Winchester Handgun Range offers a supportive environment to practice, train, and network with like-minded individuals, catering to the specific needs of those in the field.




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