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Have you ever wondered if Pond Creek Shooting Range in Herrin, Illinois, is truly a hidden gem for shooting enthusiasts?

The facilities offer a wide range of shooting options, but there might be more to this range than meets the eye.

As you explore further, you’ll discover an intriguing aspect that sets Pond Creek apart from other shooting ranges in the area.

Location and Hours

The Pond Creek Shooting Range, situated at 18079 Freeman Spur Rd in Herrin, IL, is easily accessible to shooters in Southern Illinois. Operating from 10 am to 7 pm daily, this shooting range provides a convenient location for enthusiasts to practice their skills. To reach the range, visitors can head North on Route 148 off Highway 13 and make a right turn on Freeman Spur Road, following it for 2 miles.

Located in Freeman Spur, this shooting range caters to a wide audience due to its strategic location, allowing easy access from different directions. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned shooter, Pond Creek Shooting Range offers a suitable space to hone your marksmanship skills.

For any inquiries or updated information regarding the range, individuals can contact Pond Creek Shooting Range at (618) 922-9657 or visit their website at The range’s convenient hours and accessible location make it a popular choice for shooting enthusiasts in the region.

Range Facilities Overview

Nestled in Freeman Spur, Pond Creek Shooting Range provides a comprehensive array of facilities to cater to shooting enthusiasts of all levels. The range offers a sporting clay shooting range with two stations, allowing enthusiasts to practice their skills in a dynamic setting.

For rifle enthusiasts, there’s a 500-yard rifle range equipped with new targets and a range house for added convenience. Additionally, the facility boasts a stationary pistol range with 8 bays, catering to pistol shooters looking to hone their accuracy. One of the highlights of the range is the reactive pistol range, featuring plate racks that can be conveniently reset from the firing line.

Archery enthusiasts aren’t left out, as Pond Creek Shooting Range provides a 50-yard range with new mats for a quality shooting experience. The commitment to continuous improvement and expansion ensures that the facility meets the evolving needs of the shooting community.

Shooting Programs and Events

Amidst the serene surroundings of Freeman Spur, Pond Creek Shooting Range hosts a diverse range of shooting programs and events throughout the year. Participants have the opportunity to engage in various shooting activities, including sporting clay shooting, rifle shooting, pistol shooting, and archery. The range caters to shooters of all skill levels by offering competitions, training sessions, and special events. Some shooting programs feature challenges, themed events, and educational workshops to enhance guests’ skills and knowledge in shooting sports. Events at Pond Creek Shooting Range provide a platform for socializing, skill development, and friendly competition among shooting enthusiasts.

  • Sporting clay shooting
  • Rifle shooting
  • Pistol shooting
  • Archery

Safety Guidelines and Regulations

To ensure a safe and secure shooting experience at Pond Creek Shooting Range, strict safety guidelines and regulations are in place for all visitors. When using the shooting range facilities, all visitors—especially those who are younger than 18—must be with an adult and under their supervision.

It’s mandatory for all individuals using the ranges at Pond Creek Shooting Range to wear eye and ear protection to safeguard against potential risks. Proper handling and storage of firearms are rigorously enforced to uphold a safe shooting environment for everyone. Users are expected to follow range officer instructions diligently and comply with all posted safety guidelines at all times.

Failure to adhere to these safety regulations may lead to immediate expulsion from the premises to maintain a secure shooting experience for all.

The Shooting Complex in Southern also provides target stands for users to practice their shooting skills responsibly.

Membership Options and Pricing

For those interested in becoming members at Pond Creek Shooting Range, there are various membership options available, each tailored to meet different needs and preferences.

  • Individual membership costs $200 per year and includes a guest pass.
  • Family membership for two adults and two children under 18 is available for $250 per year with a guest pass.
  • Membership renewal occurs annually in April.
  • Membership requirements include filling out forms and possessing a valid FOID card.

Pond Creek Shooting Range offers a family-friendly shooting complex where you can enjoy shooting activities with your loved ones. As a member, you can bring a guest per visit to share the experience. Membership forms and waivers can be obtained online or by mail at Pond Creek Shooting Range, PO Box 24, Freeman Spur, IL 62841. The range also provides amenities like clay pigeons and an automatic thrower to enhance your shooting practice.




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