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Did you know that Midwest Guns & Pistol Range has been in operation for over 50 years, serving firearm enthusiasts in the Chicago area?

With a rich history and a commitment to providing top-notch services, they have established themselves as a go-to destination for all things firearms-related.

Whether you’re looking to purchase a new gun, enhance your shooting skills, or simply explore their indoor shooting range, Midwest Guns has something for everyone.

Stay tuned to learn more about the range facilities, training programs, and exciting events they have in store for you.

Range Facilities and Amenities

The indoor shooting range at Midwest Guns & Pistol Range boasts modern facilities designed to ensure a safe and enjoyable shooting experience for all patrons. As you step into the range, you’ll find a well-equipped indoor facility that caters to shooters of all levels. The range offers different target distances, allowing you to practice and improve your accuracy and skills.

Safety equipment is a top priority at Midwest Guns, with a range of gear provided to ensure a secure environment for all shooters. From ear protection to eye protection, the range ensures that you have everything you need to enjoy your shooting experience safely.

Moreover, range officers are present to oversee and maintain a safe shooting environment. These trained professionals are dedicated to ensuring that all safety protocols are followed, providing guidance and assistance as needed. With the combination of modern facilities, safety equipment, and attentive range officers, you can focus on honing your shooting skills at Midwest Guns & Pistol Range.

Gun Sales and Rental Options

Entering the realm of gun sales and rental options at Midwest Guns, patrons can explore a diverse selection of firearms that cater to both new enthusiasts and seasoned shooters. The indoor gun range provides a convenient setting for customers to test out various firearms before making a purchase.

Here are some key points regarding gun sales and rental options at Midwest Guns:

  • Handgun Rentals: Midwest Guns offers handgun rentals at affordable rates, with single gun rentals priced at $10 and multiple gun rentals available for $15.
  • Unlimited Exchanges: Customers have the flexibility to exchange rented guns multiple times within the rental period, allowing them to try out different firearms during their visit.
  • Availability: To ensure a smooth experience, patrons can call ahead to check the availability of specific guns for both sales and rentals at Midwest Guns in Chicago.
  • Variety of Firearms: Midwest Guns caters to a wide range of preferences by providing a diverse selection of new and used firearms for sale, including shotguns, rifles, and pistols.

Shooting Range Safety Guidelines

Adhering to strict safety guidelines is imperative when utilizing the shooting range at Midwest Guns & Pistol Range. When handling guns at the indoor shooting range, always ensure the firearm is pointed in a safe direction.

Follow the instructions provided by the range officer meticulously to guarantee safe shooting procedures. Remember to keep your finger off the trigger until you’re prepared to shoot to prevent accidental discharges.

Utilize appropriate eye and ear protection to shield yourself from potential hazards like loud noises and debris. Furthermore, take the time to familiarize yourself with emergency protocols and locate the nearest exits in case of unexpected events.

Firearms Training Programs Offered

Midwest Guns offers a variety of firearms training programs, catering to individuals seeking to enhance their shooting skills. These programs are conducted indoors at the gun range, providing a controlled environment for optimal learning. Certified instructors lead the training sessions, ensuring that participants receive hands-on guidance regardless of their experience level.

Safety courses are a key component of the training programs, emphasizing responsible gun ownership and handling practices to instill a culture of safety among participants. Whether you’re a beginner looking to build a strong foundation or an experienced shooter aiming to refine your skills, Midwest Guns’ firearms training programs are designed to meet your needs effectively.

  • Programs conducted indoors at the gun range
  • Certified instructors provide hands-on training
  • Emphasis on safety courses for responsible gun ownership
  • Catering to individuals seeking to enhance shooting skills

Events and Special Promotions

To explore the array of engaging activities and exclusive offers available at Midwest Guns & Pistol Range, delve into the realm of Events and Special Promotions.

The shooting range hosts regular competitions and tournaments, providing enthusiasts with opportunities to showcase their skills and compete in a dynamic environment. Special promotions, such as Ladies’ Night specials, cater to female shooters, creating a welcoming space for all.

Moreover, firearm safety is paramount at Midwest Guns & Pistol Range, with seminars conducted to educate customers on responsible gun handling and storage practices, ensuring a safe and secure shooting experience for all participants. Additionally, discounts are extended to law enforcement and military personnel as a token of appreciation for their service.

Holiday-themed promotions and events add a festive touch to the range, enhancing the overall shooting experience. Whether you’re looking to test your skills in competitions, learn about firearm safety, or take advantage of special promotions, Midwest Guns & Pistol Range offers a diverse range of activities to engage shooters of all levels.




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