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Discover the Buffalo Creek Gun Club (BCGC), a historic shooting range nestled in the picturesque setting of the Colorado wilderness. Known for its significant past and exceptional facilities, the BCGC is not only a shooting range but a testament to the history and evolution of rifle shooting in America.

Key Features:

  • Historic Legacy: Established over 35 years ago with roots tracing back to World War I.
  • Modern facilities: Well-maintained with modern amenities, including barbecue pits and lavatory facilities.
  • Range Capacity: Capable of accommodating shooting out to 600 yards.
  • Targets: Equipped with a variety of metal targets for both short and long distance shooting.
  • Community Spirit: A culture of friendly and helpful users enhances the overall experience.
  • Family-Friendly Environment: Suitable for bringing the whole family for a fulfilling day.

Highlights from Visitor Experiences:

  • The range is praised for its cleanliness, neatness, and contemporary setup.
  • A noted spot for shooting enthusiasts who appreciate the ability to shoot over vast distances.
  • The environment is inviting for family outings, offering the potential for an enjoyable day trip with varied activities.

A Note on Community Interaction: While the Buffalo Creek Gun Club community is generally welcoming, visitors have reported occasional encounters with a local character who may present himself rather eccentrically. It’s recommended to simply continue enjoying the range as usual without engagement.



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