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TAC-1 is renowned for its expertise in providing comprehensive and safest handgun operation training. Catering to various semi-automatic handguns, including 1911, Glock, XD, Sig, and more, their instructors are well-versed in the unique operative functions of different weapon systems. They are dedicated to helping students understand the nuances associated with today’s handguns.


  1. Safety and Effectiveness: TAC-1 places the utmost importance on safety. With rigorous safety rules on and off the range, they prioritize everyone’s well-being. Drawing from decades of law enforcement and tactical training experience, TAC-1 boasts a combat-proven tactical firearms training curriculum.
  2. Always Evolving: TAC-1 instructors not only maintain their proficiency but also invest significantly in researching and testing techniques from around the country. This ensures that their curriculum remains updated and dynamic.
  3. Professional Expertise: With a rich background in law enforcement, TAC-1 instructors stand at the cutting edge of firearms and weapons training. The emphasis isn’t just on tradition but is rooted in intensive research based on real-life incidents.
  4. Comprehensive Courses: Offering practical training on handguns, shotguns, carbines/rifles, edged weapons, and empty hand defense, their aim is to provide unmatched training that exceeds even standard law enforcement training across the country.
  5. Combat Triad Philosophy: The Combat Triad, represented by TAC-1’s crest, focuses on Combat Mindset, Skills, and Tactics. All three are considered crucial, but Mindset stands at the forefront, emphasizing the role of the brain as the most vital weapon.

Upcoming Courses:

  • September 23rd: Tactical Shotgun/Pistol ($200) at Piru Shooting Range
  • October 8th: TACTICAL PISTOL OPERATION ($200) at Piru Shooting Range
  • October 21st: SAFE START – Gun Safety Class ($200) at Piru Shooting Range
  • November 4th: SAFE START – Gun Safety Class ($200) at Piru Shooting Range
  • November 12th: Intro to Defensive Pistol ($200) at Piru Shooting Range
  • November 18th: Concealed Carry Pistol – CCW ($225) at Piru Shooting Range

Reviews: Students and participants consistently laud TAC-1 for its exceptional training and professionalism. Many find their training unparalleled and appreciate the affordable pricing. Whether someone is a seasoned hunter or a novice shooter, the training provided by TAC-1, especially under the guidance of the lead instructor, Shoji Hattori, has been described as humbling, confidence-boosting, and genuinely educational. They come highly recommended by numerous attendees for anyone wishing to enhance their proficiency and understanding of firearms.

For those interested in broadening their skills, TAC-1 also offers courses in handgun, rifle, shotgun, edged weapons, tactical medicine, team competitions, and specialized training for law enforcement instructors.




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