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Step into the world of marksmanship and responsible gun ownership at Roggen Peaks Ranch, LLC, nestled in the picturesque locale of Roggen, Colorado. This esteemed outdoor private shooting center is not just a destination but a comprehensive experience for firearm enthusiasts and those seeking to enhance their skills. By appointment only, Roggen Peaks Ranch provides an exceptional environment to learn, train, and obtain CCW certification.

Main Features:

  • CCW Certification: Ideal for beginners, the Basic Pistol Class includes a completion certificate which can be presented when applying for a Concealed Handgun Permit.
  • Diverse Class Schedule: Engage in a range of events including Basic Pistol Classes, Range Safety Officer Training, and more, with schedules that cater to varied interests and skill levels.
  • Expert-Led Classes: Benefit from classes conducted by knowledgeable instructors who emphasize safety, skill, and responsible gun handling.
  • Design Services: Roggen Peaks Ranch extends beyond training to offer design services for outdoor and indoor shooting ranges across the nation.
  • Facilities: Boasting 4 outdoor ranges and a dedicated teaching facility, the ranch accommodates members and guests with utmost hospitality.

Strengths and Insights from Reviews:

  • Participants express high satisfaction with the ‘move at your pace’ environment, indicating that the ranch caters to individual learning preferences.
  • The ranch is commended for its safe and friendly shooting environment, a testament to its commitment to creating a welcoming space for shooters.




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