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Like a diamond in the rough, the Morita Camp Shooting Range at the 16 Mile Marker has an unpolished charm that sparks curiosity. You’ll find it standing stark against the natural beauty of the island, a testament to the duality of human pursuits.

It’s not without its shortcomings, though. There’s a noticeable lack in amenities and the conundrum of overcrowding. Yet, despite these issues, some find solace in the buzz of activity and the focus it requires. It’s an interesting paradox, isn’t it? A place both criticized and appreciated.

So, what is it about this place that continues to draw attention and debate?

The Allure of Morita Camp Range

Despite its lack of amenities, the unique allure of Morita Camp Shooting Range lies in its status as the only legally sanctioned shooting range on the island, providing a stress-relief outlet for locals and visitors alike. Nestled at the 16 Mile Marker on Saddle Road, the range, though just under 200 yards at its lower field, offers an unparalleled shooting experience.

True, there’s no cover, distance markings, or trash bins, but that’s part of the charm. It’s raw and unfiltered, allowing you to focus purely on the shooting aspect. However, it’s not without its shortcomings. Users have voiced concerns about overcrowding, safety, and lack of facilities, echoing the need for improvements like firing lines and shade.

Safety is a paramount concern when dealing with firearms. Therefore, the call for clear firing lines is understandable and necessary. Overcrowding, on the other hand, is a double-edged sword. While it certainly speaks to the popularity of the Morita Camp Shooting Range, it can potentially compromise safety and detract from the experience.

Improvements to amenities could elevate the shooting range’s appeal even further, potentially transforming it from a rustic, back-to-basics range into a top-tier shooting destination.

Historical Background of the Site

Delving into the historical background of the Morita Camp Shooting Range, it’s fascinating to note its evolution from a secluded training ground to the only legally sanctioned shooting range on the island. Located at the 16 Mile Marker on Saddle Road, this site has become a hub for shooting enthusiasts despite some shortcomings.

Though it’s a popular spot, the range lacks key amenities. Cover for hot or rainy days, distance markings, and trash bins are noticeably absent. This lack of facilities contributes to the safety concerns raised by users. Overcrowding is another issue at the range. The limited space can create risky conditions, as users vie for the best spots to shoot from.

Users have been vocal about these challenges, offering improvement suggestions to enhance their shooting experience. Their ideas include adding firing lines, shade, benches, and target pinning stations. Such improvements wouldn’t only address the safety concerns but could also alleviate the issue of overcrowding by creating a more structured and efficient environment. The historical background of the Morita Camp Shooting Range provides a solid foundation for these much-needed upgrades.

Exploring the 16 Mile Journey

Venturing to the Morita Camp Shooting Range, you’ll embark on a unique 16-mile journey down Saddle Road, navigating your way to the only legally sanctioned shooting range on the island. This trip, covered by the Big Island Video News, is more than just a drive; it’s an exploration of the land and natural resources that make up this portion of the island.

Along this route, you’ll notice signs of the County Game Management Advisory’s involvement in the preservation of these lands, as well as the Hunter Education Program’s dedication to promoting safe and responsible hunting practices. As you near the Mile Marker 16 Shooting Range, you’ll become part of the range users share, a community of individuals who appreciate the opportunity to practice their marksmanship in a safe and regulated environment.

This journey isn’t without its challenges, though. The range is currently undergoing a phase of work aimed at improving its amenities, and the authorities appreciate the community’s patience during this period. Despite these temporary inconveniences, the journey to the Morita Camp Shooting Range promises a unique experience unlike any other on the island.

Unique Features of the Range

As you approach the Morita Camp Shooting Range at the 16 Mile Marker, you’ll immediately notice it’s a place like no other on the island, with its unique features and challenges. As the only legally sanctioned shooting range, it’s a big deal to the hunting community.

Managed by the island’s Natural Resources Division, the range has been crafted with a keen eye on safety, a crucial part of hunter education. However, the range isn’t without its quirks. It’s a tad under 200 yards at the lower field and lacks amenities such as cover for hot or rainy days, distance markings, and trash bins.

The Game Management Advisory Commission has been listening to the community’s feedback. It’s clear the community’s patience is wearing thin due to overcrowding and safety concerns, yet there’s an appreciation for this unique space. There’s a call for improvements, including firing lines, shade, benches, and better facilities.

While the range may close temporarily for these enhancements, it’s a reflection of the commitment to providing a superior shooting experience at the Mile Marker 16 Shooting Range. It’s a testament to the balance between sport, safety, and respect for the land.

Visitor Experiences and Reviews

Diving into the heart of visitor experiences and reviews, you’ll find a mixed bag of feedback on the Morita Camp Shooting Range at the 16 Mile Marker. Your experience might be shaped by factors like overcrowding, safety measures, and the available facilities.

Several visitors have appreciated the stress-relief benefits of the shooting range, endorsing the safety protocols in place. However, the community has voiced concerns about the lack of amenities, including firing lines, shade, and benches. These improvements could enhance the overall experience and comfort of users.

The facilities, or the lack thereof, have been a sticking point. The absence of canopy shade, benches, and target pinning stations has been noted. These aspects, if improved, could go a long way in augmenting the satisfaction of visitors.

Another key issue brought up in visitor feedback pertains to its remote location. The absence of strong cellphone reception has raised safety and accessibility concerns. Despite these challenges, the Marker 16 Shooting Range is still a destination of interest for many, presenting a unique opportunity for the community to engage in a stress-relieving activity amidst nature.



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