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Founded in 1988, the Kenai Peninsula Archers Club has grown into a renowned non-profit archery club dedicated to providing archers with both indoor and outdoor shooting opportunities. Originating with the vision of Bill & Sheryl Woodin and other passionate archers, the club has evolved over the years, continually adapting and improving its offerings.

Location: The outdoor range is conveniently located at mile 99 off Sterling Hwy, on Arc Loop Rd. Nestled just 3 miles outside Soldotna, Alaska, this impressive 54-acre archery range is surrounded by pristine Alaskan landscapes. For member convenience, the range is gated and locked, but members have 24/7 access.


  1. Two courses (North and South) equipped to hold around 30 3D targets.
  2. A shooting range with bag targets set from 10 to 60 yards.
  3. Covered pavilion for those unpredictable weather days.


  • Enjoy unlimited access to the outdoor range.
  • Membership runs annually from July 1st to June 30th.
  • As a bonus, new members receive a free 3-D shoot.
  • Significant discounts on club-hosted 3-D shoots.
  • Members also get the unique opportunity to participate in the annual Independence Day Shoot, a popular event attracting archers from all across Alaska.

Safety & Rules:

  1. Safety is paramount; all archers must be aware of their surroundings when shooting.
  2. No broadheads allowed on course due to insurance constraints and target preservation.
  3. Crossbows to be used in designated areas only.
  4. Violations, including the use of drugs or alcohol, may result in membership revocation.

Club Culture: The club thrives on camaraderie and community spirit. All members, new and old, are encouraged to be active, introduce themselves, and participate in the club’s events and functions. Club officers and members make a conscious effort to ensure inclusivity and to foster a family-like atmosphere. New members are warmly welcomed into the “KPA Family.”

Feedback from Members: Members appreciate the club’s commitment to safety, the quality of facilities, and the welcoming community atmosphere. The vast outdoor space, strategic location, and year-round access make it a favorite among archers. They value the dedicated efforts of long-serving members and officers, some of whom have served for over 30 years. However, like any establishment, there might be room for improvement, and feedback is always welcomed.




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