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Overview of Indian River County Shooting Range

Indian River County Shooting Range offers a comprehensive and diverse shooting experience, catering to various interests and skill levels. The facility includes a wide array of ranges, including shotgun, pistol, rifle, air gun, and archery. Key features that make this range stand out are its extensive facilities, the variety of shooting disciplines it accommodates, and its dual focus on recreation and education.

Main Features

  • A 5-stand shotgun range for dynamic shooting experiences.
  • A well-equipped pistol range with 35 firing stations.
  • A rifle range featuring 29 stations, including two 200-yard target firing stations for long-range shooting.
  • An air gun range, providing a safe environment for beginners and those practicing precision shooting.
  • A 65-yard archery range for archery enthusiasts.
  • Three combination skeet and trap fields for a challenging clay pigeon shooting experience.
  • Walk-through sporting clays and archery courses for a more realistic and natural shooting environment.
  • The facility is fully staffed to ensure maximum safety for all participants.
  • Serves as a hunter’s education training facility, offering courses by the Florida Wildlife Conservation Commission and the Shooting Range staff.

Strengths and Weaknesses

  • Staff: Reviews often highlight the helpfulness and professionalism of the staff, particularly range officers who are praised for their patience and knowledge. However, some reviews indicate issues with staff behavior, including allegations of rudeness and discrimination.
  • Facilities: Many users appreciate the well-maintained facilities, especially the skeet and trap range. Yet, there are mentions of the rifle range needing improvements and concerns about overall safety practices.
  • Experience: The range is commended for being beginner-friendly and providing a comfortable shooting environment. However, some visitors have reported negative experiences, including long wait times and confrontational interactions.
  • Accessibility: Patrons value the range’s day-long access policy, allowing flexibility in using different range facilities. The range’s location is considered worth the travel by many, though some find it inconvenient.




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