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The Florida Keys Shooting Club, situated as the southernmost shooting club in the United States, presents a unique opportunity for both members and guests to engage in various shooting activities. Here’s a detailed look at what this club offers:

  • Membership and Renewal Process: As of October 1, 2016, the club introduced changes to its membership renewal process. Members can print the Application and Release Form from the website, sign both, and send them with the dues check. The Safety Brief needs to be read online but not sent.
  • New Member Induction: New members are required to attend a Safety Brief as scheduled on the club’s calendar of events.
  • Yearly Meetings: The club holds an annual meeting on the second Sunday of December at the range, mandatory for new members but optional for renewing members.
  • Payment Options: The club accepts credit card payments for dues, with additional fees applicable. Contact details for more information are provided on the club’s website.
  • Range Hours and Guest Policy: The range operates from 8 AM until dusk, strictly prohibiting shooting outside these hours. A guest fee of $10 is applicable for non-members.
  • Facilities and Events: The club boasts ranges of 25, 50, and 100 yards. It also holds special events like the Kids Shooting Club Day, open to both members and non-members, and periodic maintenance closures for upkeep.
  • Safety and Training: The club emphasizes safety, offering mandatory safety classes and a variety of training programs, including NRA-certified courses, personal protection classes, and competition shooting training.
  • Club Management and Contact: The club is managed by a board of directors and officers, with contact information readily available for inquiries and membership details.

Feedback from Patrons: Reviews of the Florida Keys Shooting Club highlight various experiences:

  • Positive Aspects:
    • Renowned as the best range in the Keys with various distance options.
    • Appreciated for its quiet environment, especially during weekdays.
    • Praised for fostering a fun, safe, and friendly atmosphere.
  • Areas of Concern:
    • Some visitors reported issues with accessibility and finding the range locked during supposed operating hours.
    • Communication difficulties were mentioned, with challenges in reaching out to the club for information.
    • A few reviews noted the range appeared run-down or less maintained.




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