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Nestled in the heart of shooting sports enthusiasm, this highly regarded rifle and pistol range stands out as a premium destination for firearms aficionados and outdoor enthusiasts alike. With a rich array of facilities and an inviting community spirit, it offers a distinctive experience for both seasoned marksmen and newcomers. Here’s what makes this range a must-visit location:

Main Features:

  • Variety of Targets: Practice precision with silhouettes of deer, elk, bighorn sheep, chickens, and wild boars.
  • Covered Shooting Areas: Both rifle and pistol ranges offer protection from the elements.
  • Adjustable Yardage: Rifle range backstops are set at 25, 50, 100, and 200 yards, while the pistol range backstops can be moved to accommodate different distances.
  • Steel Plate Racks: Two racks with six lay down steel plates enhance the pistol range experience.
  • Safety Rules: Clearly outlined to ensure a safe shooting environment, including restrictions on 50 caliber use on certain targets.

Cowboy Action Shooting: Immerse in the wild west with cowboy action shooting, where participants enjoy friendly competition in period attire with replica firearms of yesteryear.

Events and Competitions: Regularly scheduled events welcome new shooters and spectators, fostering a growing community.

Training & Event Center Rental:

  • Full Facility Rental: Options for every occasion, with a clear pricing structure for members, residents, and non-residents.
  • Split Level Rental: Customizable space for varied needs, including a refundable damage deposit for peace of mind.
  • Advance Booking: A straightforward process involving a signed agreement, deposit, and identification to secure your event.

Community and Membership Benefits:

  • Engagement: A hub for discussions on techniques and knowledge sharing among gun enthusiasts of all ages and experiences.
  • Training Courses: Stay updated via the events calendar for skill enhancement opportunities.
  • Range Access: Members enjoy exclusive benefits like keycard entry, target and spotting scope access, and more frequent availability for trap and 5 stand shotgun shooting.
  • Volunteer Opportunities: Contribute to club events and maintenance for membership discounts.

Reviews Reflect Excellence:

  • Praised for its clean facilities and the extensive 400+ yard targets.
  • Commended for its versatile ranges and helpful staff.
  • Acknowledged for its ample space and great setup.
  • Recognized for a somewhat confusing public-private structure, yet still accessible to non-members with helpful guidance available online.




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