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Bunnell Range, nestled in Flagler County, presents an exceptional outdoor shooting experience. Founded by the Beggelman family in 2013, this range epitomizes a safe, family-oriented, and community-friendly environment for marksmanship enthusiasts.

Main Features:

  • Range Options: Offers a 25-yard Pistol Caliber Range and a 50-yard Rifle Caliber Range. Additionally, there’s a separate pistol range with 22 lanes, supporting standing shooting positions and various distances (5yd, 8yd, 15yd).
  • Safety Regulations: Strict adherence to safety rules, including gun handling, no rapid fire, and designated smoking areas.
  • Family-Run Atmosphere: Managed daily by the Beggelman family, ensuring a personal and welcoming environment.
  • Dining Facility: ‘The Lodge at Bunnell Range‘, open Friday and Saturday until 3 PM, featuring a variety of dishes including a special Brisket Weekend every first weekend of the month.
  • Event Hosting: Available space for private parties and functions with in-house catering and presentation facilities.

User Reviews and Impressions:

  • General Satisfaction: Reviewers consistently praise the cleanliness, friendly atmosphere, and reasonable pricing.
  • Staff and Management: High commendation for the family-run approach, particularly noting Naomi’s exceptional skills in cooking and event planning.
  • Facilities and Equipment: Appreciation for the well-maintained ranges, though one reviewer highlighted the need for a personal staple gun and marker for target setup.
  • Membership Benefits: Yearly members enjoy special privileges, including access to additional rifle lanes and equipment rental waivers.
  • Users have described the environment as having a laid-back, mom-and-pop feel and being family-friendly.

Policies and Restrictions:

  • Ammunition and Firearms: No armor-piercing ammo, shotguns, or Taurus Judges allowed. Rifle calibers are restricted on the 25yd pistol range.
  • Safety First: Emphasis on responsible firearm handling, with rules against drawing from holsters and firing, and a prohibition of alcohol and illicit drugs.
  • Minors: You must have an adult with you who signs the liability waiver on your behalf.
  • Brass Collection: Shooters may collect only their personally fired brass, ensuring safety and non-disruption to others.




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