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Manatee Gun & Archery Club (MGAC) in Florida presents a diverse and engaging shooting experience for enthusiasts of all levels. Offering a variety of ranges and shooting disciplines, MGAC ensures a fun and safe environment for its patrons.

Main Features:

  • Diverse Shooting Ranges: Facilities include pistol ranges from 3 to 25 yards, rifle ranges from 50 to 600 yards, a 5-stand sporting clays range, and an archery range with traditional and 3D targets.
  • Pistol Challenge Course: A dynamic shooting course with multiple shooting positions and target types, tailored for different skill levels.
  • 600-yard Rifle Range: Accessible upon qualification, offering bench rest tables and a mix of paper and steel targets.
  • Cowboy Action Bays and Area 51 Rifle Range: Specialized shooting areas available for private rentals and regular events.
  • Shotgun 5-Stand: A challenging setup with 10 traps and a variety of throws, open on select days with no daily shooting fee.
  • Facilities: Includes an air-conditioned office with amenities and a classroom for educational purposes.

Strengths Based on Customer Reviews:

  • Welcoming Staff: Patrons frequently praise the friendly and helpful staff, including the range safety officers (RSOs).
  • Excellent Maintenance: The facility is noted for its cleanliness and well-maintained ranges.
  • Safety Focus: A strong emphasis on safety is consistently mentioned, making it a reassuring environment for shooters.
  • Value for Money: The range fees are considered reasonable, contributing to an overall positive experience.

Weaknesses Based on Customer Reviews:

  • Inconsistent Enforcement of Rules: Some visitors noted disparities in how dress code rules were enforced.
  • Limited Public Access Times: The range is only open from Thursday to Sunday, which may not suit everyone’s schedule.

Membership and Training Opportunities:

  • MGAC offers various membership levels with benefits like reduced range fees and voting privileges in club elections.
  • Training programs are available, including concealed firearm permit courses, basic marksmanship, and junior marksmanship programs.

Operational Details:

  • Open Hours: Thursday to Sunday from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm, with the clubhouse opening at 8:00 am.
  • Range Fees: Various fees apply for different ranges and activities, with special rates for members and guests.




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