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Nestled in the heart of North Alabama, the Bullet and Barrel Indoor Shooting Range and Training Facility stands out as the only 5-Star Rated indoor range in Alabama and Mississippi. With its state-of-the-art shooting amenities, it promises a shooting experience like no other.

Key Features:

  • Indoor Shooting Range: Features two bays containing eight 15-yard lanes and eight 25-yard lanes. For rifle enthusiasts, three 100-yard shooting tunnels with digital sighting feedback are available.
  • Safety First: All shooting stalls prioritize safety with advanced standards for air circulation, noise control, and overall protection.
  • Gunsmithing: Expertise of two experienced gunsmiths available to cater to your firearm needs.
  • Firearm Training and Classes: From beginner to advanced, the facility offers a plethora of classes and training sessions, including Modern Handgun classes, Rifle Apprentice classes, and much more. Notably, the “Ladies Only” class, as reviewed by a recent participant, focuses on safety and confidence-building.
  • Memberships: Ranging from “Executive” to “Hero,” the facility provides a variety of membership options tailored to cater to individual needs, which come with perks such as unlimited range usage, ammo discounts, guest passes, and exclusive member-only events.
  • Range Fees: A primary guest can enjoy the range for $22 per hour, with the option to bring another person on the same lane for an additional $15. The 100-yard rifle tubes are available at $22 for a half-hour or $32 for a full hour.
  • Firearms Selection: Bullet and Barrel offers an exclusive selection of high-quality firearms from renowned brands. They also sell Class 3 items, including Suppressors and Short Barreled Rifles.
  • Customizations: From bore sights to detailed cleans, their gunsmithing services cater to a wide range of customizations, repairs, and modifications. For enthusiasts looking to personalize their firearms further, various painting and design services are available for both handguns and rifles.
  • Safety: Safety is paramount. All users must adhere to a comprehensive list of safety protocols, which include a short safety video for all first-timers and mandatory eye and ear protection.
  • Local Connection: Proudly owned and operated by Melanie Hammer Murray, the facility offers a unique blend of professional services combined with a local touch. They pride themselves in providing a “Guntry Club” atmosphere, ensuring that both novices and experts feel welcomed.
  • Additional Services: Uniquely, they are also the go-to destination for local tuxedo rentals, ensuring fittings are as sharp as their shooting services.

Customer Experiences:

Recent reviewers, such as Sabrina and Michael, have commended the training sessions, particularly highlighting the professionalism, patience, and effectiveness of the instructors. Many have found their lessons to be enlightening, building their confidence and skillset. Another testimonial from Scott appreciates the extra efforts of the staff, making their experience memorable. Additionally, Mendel’s review applauds the modern targets, safe atmosphere, and the wide selection of gun-related apparel and gear.




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  • Monday 12:00 PM - 06:00 PM
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