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Just like a skilled artist with a blank canvas, American Freedom Defense, LLC meticulously hones the craft of defensive shooting.

But what sets them apart from the rest? Their unique approach to firearms training not only equips you with the necessary skills but instills a sense of empowerment and responsibility.

Ready to discover how this company is reshaping the landscape of firearms education and safety?

Services Offered by American Freedom Defense, LLC

American Freedom Defense, LLC offers a comprehensive range of firearms training services catering to individuals of all experience levels. The company provides a variety of gun store offerings, including rentals and sales. At their facility, you can find a full rental shop equipped with safety gear, guns, and holsters for your training needs.

In addition to individual training, American Freedom Defense, LLC also caters to private group competitions and full-day private event reservations. Their focus on defensive shooting techniques applicable for both sport and competitions sets them apart. The company aims to promote positivity and empower confidence through their training programs.

Whether you’re a beginner looking to learn the basics or an experienced shooter honing your skills, American Freedom Defense, LLC, has services tailored to meet your needs. Their dedication to providing top-notch firearms training ensures that you receive the instruction necessary to improve your abilities and knowledge in a safe and supportive environment.

AFD’s Team of Security Professionals

The security professionals at AFD are highly trained and experienced in various aspects of security. They form a dedicated team committed to providing top-notch services to clients. Here are some key points about AFD’s team of security professionals:

  1. Expertise in Firearms Training: AFD’s team includes instructors with specialized knowledge in firearms training and defensive shooting techniques. This expertise ensures that clients receive comprehensive instruction in handling firearms safely and effectively.
  2. Rigorous Training: Each team member undergoes rigorous training to maintain high standards of instruction quality. This training encompasses a wide range of security protocols and practices to ensure that AFD’s professionals are well-prepared for any situation.
  3. Empowering Confidence: The professionals at AFD are devoted to empowering confidence in their clients. Through their expertise and guidance, they aim to instill a sense of security and preparedness in all participants.
  4. Safe Learning Environment: AFD’s team prides itself on creating a positive, safe, and engaging learning environment. This environment fosters growth, skill development, and a commitment to safety amongst all participants.

Client Testimonials for American Freedom Defense

Upon experiencing the training at American Freedom Defense, clients have consistently praised the quality and empowering atmosphere provided. A-Ron lauded American Freedom Defense as the best place for firearm training, emphasizing the top-notch weapons training.

Michael described the training as first-class, highlighting the professionalism and expertise of the instructors. Jeff expressed his satisfaction, stating that the training made him feel more secure and competent in handling firearms.

Ben commended the positive and fun atmosphere at American Freedom Defense, noting the professionalism maintained throughout the sessions. These positive testimonials reflect the high standards of training offered at American Freedom Defense, reinforcing its reputation as a premier gun store in the United States.

Customers appreciate the safe, empowering environment that enhances their skills and knowledge in handling firearms.

Training and Certification at AFD

At AFD, the training programs encompass a range of defensive shooting skills suitable for various experience levels and purposes, including sport and competition.

  1. AFD offers a variety of training programs, such as the Idaho Gun Experience, private group competitions, gun rentals, and private training sessions, catering to individuals looking to enhance their firearms training.
  2. The training at AFD focuses on defensive shooting skills that are applicable for both sport and competition, ensuring that participants receive comprehensive instruction tailored to their skill level.
  3. The mission of AFD’s training program is to promote positivity, empower confidence, and create a safe, fun, and learning environment for all participants, reflecting the values of this locally owned company.
  4. AFD’s training facility provides a full rental shop with safety equipment, a classroom with heating/AC, covered outdoor ranges for all-weather shooting, and free social hours after classes, offering a holistic approach to firearms training and certification.

AFD’s Commitment to Excellence

Committed to delivering top-quality firearms training services, American Freedom Defense, LLC, prioritizes promoting positivity, empowering confidence, and fostering a safe and enjoyable learning environment for all participants. The company is dedicated to providing individuals of all experience levels with exceptional firearms training.

AFD’s emphasis on positivity and empowerment creates an atmosphere where participants feel encouraged to learn and grow in their skills. Moreover, AFD’s commitment extends to offering defensive shooting training suitable for both sport and competitions, aiming to safeguard families and communities effectively.

The facility’s comprehensive amenities, including a full rental shop, bulk ammo availability, covered outdoor ranges, and a classroom equipped with heat/AC, further enhance the learning experience. Positive customer reviews consistently highlight AFD’s excellent training programs, professionalism, and the overall positive environment cultivated by the instructors.

These factors position American Freedom Defense, LLC as a top choice for individuals seeking high-quality firearm training services.




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