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The Wilcox Rifle Range, also known as the Wilcox Range Complex or Range 103, is located on the north side of Oceanside, easily accessible via the San Diego Freeway (5). For precise directions:

  1. From the San Diego Freeway (5), take exit 54B towards Camp Pendleton.
  2. Exit Northeast (Inland) leading to the main gate.
  3. Drive on Vandegrift Blvd for about 6 miles in the north/northeast direction until reaching Basilone Rd.
  4. Make a left turn on Basilone Rd, going past the helicopter station.
  5. Turn left onto Stagecoach Rd and continue until you reach the Wilcox Range Complex.

Please Note: Avoid taking Rifle Range Road to Stagecoach Road, as shown on some satellite imagery. Rifle Range Road is not a through street. The recommended route to Stagecoach Road is via Basilone Road.

Reviews Overview: The Wilcox Rifle Range has received varied feedback from visitors:


  • Scenic Beauty: The range offers a picturesque backdrop with beautiful weather and scenic mountain views, making it a potential destination for families during the summer.
  • Professional Staff: Some visitors have commended the warm welcome from the stand staff and the Marines, particularly during special events like the World Police and Fire Games.
  • Size: The range is noted to be very large, which can be beneficial for various events and activities.


  • Operational Speed: Some visitors have found the range to be slower in terms of operations compared to other ranges they’ve visited.
  • General Feedback: A few reviewers had less than favorable experiences during their visit, without providing specific reasons.



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