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Discover the West Georgia Youth Association Shooting Range, a top-rated shooting range located at 200-238 Land Fill Rd, Tallapoosa, GA, United States. With an impressive 5.0-star rating based on 3 Google reviews, this range stands out as a premier destination for shooting enthusiasts in Georgia.

Key Features:

  • Location: Nestled in Tallapoosa, GA, offering easy accessibility for local shooters.
  • Competitions: Known for hosting exciting 22NRL & 22 PRS matches, providing a competitive platform for shooters.
  • Community Praise: Garnering positive feedback for both the quality of competitions and the friendly, welcoming community.
  • Facilities: Boasts a well-maintained and highly appreciated rifle range.

Strengths Highlighted in Reviews:

  • Reviewers have consistently praised the range for its high-quality competitions, particularly highlighting the 22NRL & 22 PRS matches.
  • The shooting range is commended for its welcoming and amiable environment, making it a favorite among local shooters.
  • The range has been a hidden gem for many, with shooters wishing they had discovered it earlier, indicating its appeal and quality.




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