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Vick Shooting Range is a hidden gem located off the beaten path in the heart of the Talladega National Forest. Offering an intimate and serene shooting environment, this facility is ideal for those looking for a tranquil shooting experience.


  1. Scenic Location: Situated deep in the forest, the journey to the range offers a picturesque drive down a winding dirt road.
  2. Quality Range: The compact sand range remains pleasant even in wet conditions, ensuring a smooth shooting experience.
  3. Facilities: The range boasts a sturdy shooting pavilion complete with several benches to cater to both left and right-hand shooters.
  4. Maintenance: Despite some instances of littering, there’s a general consensus that the range is well-maintained. Some dedicated visitors even take initiatives to clean the place periodically.
  5. Quiet & Private: Many shooters appreciate the solitude, with instances when no one else is at the range, making for a peaceful shooting session.


  1. Preparation is Key: Given its remote location, visitors are advised to bring along all necessary supplies as amenities might not be close by.
  2. Access: The approach road is lengthy, featuring a mix of bumps and turns. Some sections can be challenging, especially for unfamiliar drivers.
  3. Safety Concerns: The steps leading to the range are described as steep and slippery due to an accumulation of pine needles, posing a potential hazard.
  4. Environment: Some visitors noted trash left behind by users. Though skeet shooting is prohibited, there are remnants of shotgun shells and broken clays scattered around.
  5. Target Stands: Shooters should note that they need to bring their own target stand.



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