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The Troy Pistol League, located at 38 Grace Court in the Lansingburgh section of Troy, is a longstanding institution that has been fostering safe and competitive shooting since its establishment in 1937. Originally housed in Kato’s Garage, the club has undergone various relocations, with the most significant move in 1960 to its present location near Oakwood Cemetery’s rear entrance.


  • Historical Significance: With roots dating back to the 1930s, the club carries a rich history of promoting NRA Bullseye target shooting.
  • Modern Facilities: Over the years, members and local contributors have made numerous modifications to the facility, transforming it from an unused oil distribution garage to a well-structured shooting range.
  • Comprehensive Training: The club offers various courses, including a Pre-License Safety Course, New York State Concealed Carry Firearm Safety Training Course, and specific “Bullseye” Leagues.
  • Competitive Environment: Troy Pistol League fields a .22 caliber team in the Adirondack League, which competes against regional teams. Moreover, they also hold the NRA sponsored “900” Sectional events.
  • Dedicated Membership: The league boasts members with a wide spectrum of experience, who are keen on assisting newcomers in refining their shooting skills.


  • There have been instances in the past, like the issue with the La Salle High School rifle range fees, that led the club to shift locations and adjust membership fee structures.
  • The club, although operating year-round, only holds organized league activities from September to April.

Membership Process: For those keen on joining the league, one must possess a valid New York State pistol license. After completing a membership application and paying a fee, new members undergo orientation sessions. These sessions aim to familiarize them with range procedures, ensure safe pistol handling, and introduce them to the existing members. Only after a minimum of three visits and the assessment of the new member’s understanding of the range discipline will their application be up for consideration at the subsequent board of director’s meeting.




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