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Sun Mountain Gun Club is a family-owned and operated destination for both novice and experienced shooters. Set in a breathtaking natural environment, it provides a safe and exciting atmosphere for outdoor shooting activities.


  1. Sporting Clays: Sun Mountain Gun Club features a sporting clay course with 14 constantly updated stations. This form of shooting closely simulates actual field shooting, designed to mimic hunting scenarios with various game birds and animals.
  2. Trap: The club offers two trap fields catering to various shooting preferences. Originating as a practice method for bird hunting, the club’s trap shooting facilities are a draw for enthusiasts.
  3. Pistol Bays: The club boasts four distinct 35-yard pistol bays. Unique to Central California, these outdoor bays combine convenience with an unobstructed natural backdrop. Note: Stands for these bays must be purchased from the club but can be reused.
  4. Rifle Range: This range showcases targets ranging from 100 to 200 yards, supervised by a team of safety officers, ensuring a safe and enjoyable shooting experience.

Events and Associations:
The club regularly hosts matches registered under the Amateur Trapshooting Association (ATA) and encourages interested individuals to check their event calendar or contact the club staff for more details.

Guest Feedback:
Most guests appreciate Sun Mountain Gun Club for its stunning location, top-tier facilities, and amiable staff. The sporting clay course consistently receives praise for its challenging yet enjoyable design. Visitors frequently mention the club’s warm and helpful community, emphasizing their positive interactions. Some even regard it as the best shotgun range they’ve visited.

However, a few points of contention exist. One reviewer highlighted the club’s policy against using personal target stands or shooting steel, attributing this to safety concerns and previous guests leaving messes.




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